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April 15, 2010

A sweet, bloggy friend gave me an award! Go visit Ann. Her blog is adorable!

Award Requirements: Write 10 things about yourself! Pretty Simple...but I'm terrible at coming up with interesting things to say about myself!

1. I pick my nails when I get nervous or stressed. I was stressed the other day and before I even realized I had already picked 2 nails and was moving on to my third. I also carry my stress in my back. I get very tense between my shoulders. When my back hurts it's usually because I'm overwhelmed by something that's going on.

2. I caramelized onions last night for the first time. I love caramelized onions and wanted to put them on my toasted sandwich I was making but my husband was at work. So, I called him up and he told me how to do it! They were so good! Rachel, I nearly texted you because I was so excited and proud of myself!

3. I am a terrible speller. I would not be able to live without spell check. My husband on the other hand is an amazing speller!

4. I hate wearing close toe shoes in the Spring or Summer. I just can't do it. I spend so much time making my toe nails look pretty (my toe nails are never NOT painted) that I just think it would be a waste to cover them up. Plus, here in TX it gets WAY too hot!

5. My husband is without a doubt my best friend. I'd rather spend time with him than anyone else. It's been that way since we were 15 and hasn't changed.

6. I have to get my blood drawn TODAY! Ahh! And, 10 vials...I'm pretty sure that I may die. If not, I'll bet each of you 100 dollars I'll pass out. It's just what I do.

7. I don't really think my calling is to teach elementary kids. I don't really have patience - they require a lot of it and I am very sarcastic - sarcasm is lost on elementary kids. I do like teaching art though. I can do whatever lessons I want, I don't take grades of any kind or attendance, and I get to work on the same projects their doing sometimes which is fun. I guess every job has it's pros and cons

8. I don't like the TV to be on as background noise. I much rather have music. My husband will get done watching a show and just get up and walk away without turning the TV off. It drives me me it is sound pollution. I usually will go turn the TV off and pull up Project Playlist or Pandora instead. The only time I leave the TV on is if I'm home alone. I don't like it to be too quiet if Jonathan isn't home.

9. I don't really care about new technology and/or apple. I don't have and iphone and don't care. Jonathan's parents bought me an mp3 player that isn't an apple...again, I don't care. It works just the same. I do have a shuffle but again, it was a gift. Jonathan and I eventually want to get an all in one desk top computer and the HP is waaaaaaaaay cooler than the apple...sorry guys and plus, it's less expensive! Jonathan and I own one TV and it is only a 32 inch. We don't like TVs in the bedrooms so I'm pretty sure we'll always just have one TV. Also, I don't like the look of big TVs. I think they detract from the way a room looks and take up too much space. I don't think most men (or people for that matter) would agree with me about this so I'm glad I found a husband who does!

10. I think I spend too much time on blogger. Although I don't post things that are very long or in depth I do post a lot. I like to post a lot to keep a record of my life but sometimes I think the Internet takes up too much of my time. Maybe we should all take an Internet break from time to time. My grandmother has never even used the Internet and most of us couldn't even live without it...seems a little strange. I need to work on getting outside more and spending less time sitting in front of a screen.

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Katie's Journey said...

There is a middle school art position here in Fredericksburg and I thought of you! I am guilty of picking at my nails too!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday! Congrats on the award!


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