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April 14, 2010

Instead of thinking about all the things I dislike going on with work right now I'm going to try to think of all the things I LOVE right now!

European Destinations - I love this website! All the vacation possibilities and such good prices!

Nameberry Blog - A WHOLE blog just about names! I'm in heaven! I could waste hours on this site and I do.

These cookies are amazing!


Parenthood on NBC

I bought this ice the other day but mine is strawberries and cream...YUM is an understatement!


Rachel Lillian said...

Those Tahiti cookies look delicious! I love coconut right now ALMOST as much as I love black beans!! Haha! p.s. Erik has been talking about that Le Peep cajun chicken sandwich EVERY day. :)

Charlotte said...

I love your optimism! Great outlook! I haven't seen Parenthood...I think I need to check it out...

Ann said...

You've probably never read my blog, but I love yours and read it all the time! I tagged you for a blog award :)

Lyndsey said...

ok i'm sighing a huge sigh of relief over here! my school's old art teacher did some painting around the school but i think that's because it was new and pretty plain so it needed some sprucing. i'm not trying to get my hopes up, but i realllly want to move - the district the art position is in is MUCH nicer and WAY closer! i may need some good ideas from you if i get an interview!


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