Tuesdays Are The Worst

April 14, 2010

This Tuesday was pretty rough...

-my kids are acting like total maniacs (I don't teach this Friday...this weeks redeemer for me).

-I received a disheartening email.

-I had to make 1600 double sided copies (the exact number, not an exaggeration). It took me an hour since the machine jammed about 20 times.

-I was trying to do some painting for the school in the hallway but every time I would get going the Xerox machine would jam and I would have to go fix it. I didn't get much painting done.

-I am uber busy with the art festival next weekend and don't have time to stay after school but I have to anyway.

-I left my phone at work.

-Jonathan had meetings at school and I didn't see him until after 7.

-Paxton was being bad yesterday.

-On the way to go pick up my phone at work Jonathan and I saw a cute baby opossum. He doubled back so I could see it but the person in front of us swerved TO HIT it on purpose...and they did. And, they killed it. This was at the end of an already bad day and I just couldn't handle it. I started BAWLING! I'm not sure why someone wanted to kill a baby animal but it made my day that much worse.

Here's to a better Wednesday!


Mrs. Moody said...

Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. You should really check out Glee sometime. It's a good one!

The story about the baby opossum just broke my heart. That's terrible. Hope you have a better Wednesday.

God Bless!

Lyndsey said...

do you have to paint the school a lot...because thats probably the most terrifying thing to me about being an art teacher. i don't want to deface the school forever with my not so artistic abilities, ha.

and yes that means i am looking into a possible art position for next year! keep your fingers crossed for me, i just found out about it yesterday!


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