Around the House

May 3, 2010

Paxton asleep against the wall...looks comfy, huh?

And this is just in the basket next to his night stand. I forced him to clean out the magazines yesterday.

This white table/stool has been wandering the house for a few weeks. In the entry, on the front porch, in the living room, next to the fire place, in the front bedroom. Maybe it is now settled on the porch?

Seashells on the coffee table and 2 new lotus candle holders on the mantle.

Fun in the laundry room

My hydrangea is about to bloom!

Yard Gnomes! LOVE THEM!

The blooming shrubs in our front yard attract a lot of butterflies. Hopefully they won't miss the few I cut off and put in the dining room :)


Lyndsey G said...

immature hydrangea are my absolute favorite. So precious and sweet! I also have a thing for lawn gnomes :)

Lyndsey said...

are those stencils in the laundry room? i like the laundry one above the door.

megma1717 said...

The laundry room looks so cute! When I finally build my own house, please help me make it pretty!!!


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