Does this bow make my face look fat?

May 27, 2010

Of course not, Molly Kate :)

I'm pretty sure my sister in law just found this biggest bow of all times!  I do think it is rather cute though...


Emily Kathleen said...

Love it! That picture is absolutely precious!

Cecilly said...

she is soo cute!

Laura Salisbury said...

Okay so I think Molly Kate is just adorable, but that bow is insane! lol I almost wish it was in a bright color. I need to know where she found it, because I have to buy one for my friend is expecting. She is just going to love it.

Gay said...

She is adorable and I've never seen a bow I thought was too big.:)

Emily, Has anyone told you that Molly Kate looks like YOU? I think she looks like you did when you are her age. Precious!

Say hi to Teresa.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

LOL that's a huge bow! I had one for Miss M that big too....check it out:

She won't wear them breaks my bow-loving heart!


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