For the Kids I Don't Have {Part Deux}

May 25, 2010

Although I don't have any of these yet...

(latest picture of me and my adorable niece MollyKathryn)

Doesn't mean I can't pick up a few things every now and then for the day when I do...

So, because people have expressed interest here is a follow up to my earlier post.  (Read Here)

Books:  I have 2 lonely books in the corner of one of our guest bedrooms.

The first book is called "Louvre:  Up Close".  It is from  I'm an art teacher and was an art history major so it fits...

The second book is called "Baby Animals A to Z".  I don't remember where it's from.  Jonathan bought it when he was out with Erik and Rachel the other day (when I was in Oklahoma).  Rachel bought one too!

Name:  I recently came across the name Lucienne - pronounced Loo-see-en.  It even had a pronunciation guide next to the name on NameBerry.  (I look up names all the time)  I LOVE this name and here is why it is perfect.  Number 1:  I think it goes well with Emily as a middle name.  Yes, my name is Emily but I was named after my grandmother who is also Emily.  Not only am I Emily but I am the 6th generation Emily in my family...that's a lot!  If I didn't use the name I would just feel terrible.  My grandmother honestly wouldn't care but I would.  So, I've tested many a name with Emily as a middle name and they just sound weird to me.  Lucienne Emily Powell sounds me.  Number 2:  It's french.  My maiden name is French and I took French in high school for 3 years and in college for 4 semesters so I tend to like French things.  Number 3:  This is totally random but my mom's middle name is Louise.  Once, she actually told someone her middle name was Lucille and my sister in law and I just bust out laughing.  We instantly looked at her and were like, "no, your middle name is Louise".  She really has no idea why she said that but it was so funny!  And, later on that week...she did it again!  So, the name Lucille has been a bit of a joke in our family and Lucille and Lucienne are derivatives of each other.  Number 4:  Jonathan likes names with cutesy nicknames.  For instance we like the name Emmeline but Jonathan likes Emme (pronounced Emmy but it bothers him when nicknames are spelled different than the real name),  we also like Eden but Jonathan likes Edie.  He just thinks girls need cute nicknames...don't know why.  Anyhow, if we had a Lucienne she would go by Lucie (yes, Lucie not Lucy because there is no "y" in Lucienne says Jonathan)  Number 5:  I don't like names in the top 1000 names of the social security records.  (not that I hate them...some of my favorite names are up there.  I just want something more unique)

If you like Lucienne/Lucie please let me know...don't tell me you hate it if that's the case.  I don't need to know :)

So, there you go.


Lyndsey said...

Keep it - I'm a fan! My parents actually used to call me Lyndsey Lucille or Lucy for short because I used to watch I Love Lucy a TON when I was little! So that name has a special spot for me too :) And it does sound cute with Emily!

Rachel Lillian said...

Oh, AND the book was only $4! I'm giving it to my friend's daughter, Avery!

So pumped for our cookout this weekend! And I do like Lucie!

Megan said...

I really like that name! It goes great with Emily. I love that you had the longest reasons ever, but you prove a point. It is a great name.

Ali said...

I love it! Names are so hard to decide on! I think this name is perfect! :)

~ Ali


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