A Crazy!

May 1, 2010

Totally forgot to share this!

Last week, when my days were miserable, they were made even more so by a "Crazy".

I'm in my BRAND NEW CAR and I'm almost to an intersection (maybe 30 yards ahead of me) and a grumpy 45-50 year old man pulls his bicycle right out in front of me. Of course, I slam on my brakes before I hit him. He then stops his bike in front of me, looks right at me and shrugs his shoulders, as if to say, "what are you going to do about it?" My response: HONK! I began to honk right as he began to peddle off but when I started to honk he got off of his bike, pushed it back in front of my car and began yelling at me. "It's an F***ing red light!" He kept yelling for about 30 seconds or so but I had my radio turned up so I couldn't hear him. I just smiled and kept shooing him with my hand to get out of the way.

You see, he was mad because traffic would not stop for him BUT just 30 yards ahead was a cross walk genius! You could have crossed there but no, you had to make my day that much worse. He must not know that bikes have to follow the same rules as cars. If he was in a car he couldn't just pull out in front of them and expect them to stop.

Why, you ask, is it such a big deal...traffic could have stopped for him, right? NO! Traffic was moving. When he pulled out in front of me the light had not changed to red yet. It turned red in the midst of him yelling at me with his potty mouth. Also, when I lived in Waco a little man pulled out in front of me in his WHEELCHAIR! Of course, I slammed on my brakes and barely missed him but the cop behind me didn't see me stopping because well...why would I be stopping in the middle of the road? It was unexpected. So yes, I was rear ended by a cop all because a man in a wheel chair didn't look both ways before he crossed the road. If this STUPID man on his bike would have cause my NEW car to get rear ended I would have been in even a worse mood than I already was.

The End

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