June 2, 2010

I am joining in on Wishful Wednesday with the Seattle Smiths.

This Wednesday you have to pick which SATC character you would be.

If I was a character from SATC I would Combine Carrie and Charlotte.

Of course, most people want to be more like Carrie...she is the star of the show but she's a bit much for me...actually, they all are.

I've seen every episode and I've seen both movies (anyone think that they were looking a bit wrinkly in the 2nd movie...I did)

Anyways, I would pick Carrie because her clothes are always the best.  Usually way over the top (sometimes just ugly/tacky) but gorgeous.  I also love her hair...although it is rather larger in movie number 2 during the wedding scene.

I loved these 2 dresses!

I pick Charlotte because I have an art history degree and before she had children she worked in the art world.  Also, she was always the one who wanted to get married and have kids.


Laura said...

I agree and think they are all a little over the top. Which is great for the show and makes all that more entertaing. In the real world though... I'm with you, I would love carries fashion, Samantha's Job (I used to do PR), Charlottes desire for family, and Miranda's Well I just don't know if I want anything from her, too high

Enjoy your last day of school/work

Meghan said...

Oh, lady, according to all of the "Which SATC Character Are You?" quizzes I have taken, I am most definitely a cross between the two:) I couldn't agree more!

Kishah said...

You're welcome! And great choice. Combining the two is a great idea!Taking something from each character would make a perfect person! :)

Bethany said...

I love them all. It was so hard to choose.

Emily said...

Ooo, love those dresses from the movie posters.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

LOVE ME SOME SATC!!! I am so glad you stopped by and played along!! I am so anxious to follow your blog -- love the design!


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