New {Antique} Chair

July 1, 2010

Jonathan and I went to an antique store yesterday and saw some amazing things.  I wanted to buy everything I saw but we only came away with this 10 dollar chair.  We'll FOR SURE be going back!

Here it is after a few coats of white paint.  I've been looking for a chair to go in the corner of our front bedroom and I'm glad I finally found it.


littledaisymay said...

It looks great! We love going to antique stores too :)

Rachel and John said...

Beautiful! You should post a how to on painting furniture!

Megan said...

I wanna go next time! I haven't had time to explore for good antique stores.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hi! Just came across your blog! It's super cute, and that pic from your wedding is adorable!! ...I never go to antique shops because I always shy away from buying anything that requires painting/updating... but you did such a great job, that chair fits in so well! I am inspired :)


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