Show Us Your Life - What I Make

July 1, 2010

Welcome visitors from Kelly's Korner!

The first thing I make is memory books.  I take a simple binder and add fun scrapbook paper and memories!  The last example I'm showing is actually a recipe book that I made for a friend's wedding. 

The next thing I'm known for making is baby signs.

Other than these 2 things I am DIYing all the time.  My husband and I are really big into finding a bargain on our furnishings and putting in the work to make something great.  Our house has definitely been made into a home by doing this.  If you browse my blog for even a short amount of time you could probably figure that out.

Thanks for visiting!


Megan said...

Love those signs, I can't wait until you can make me one! You should definitely start your own business, like a memories keepsake type business... let me know so I can buy lots of things from you!!

Meredith said...

Emily, you're so crafty! Between your paintings, scrapbooks and DIY projects you are today's Martha Stewart. Keep up the good work, because I know I sure like to gander at it all.


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