Conversation w/ My Husband

August 16, 2010

Jonathan calls around 6:15 tonight and I pick it up.

Me:  When are you coming home?  I'm hungry.

Jonathan:  I'll be home in about an hour.

Me:  What am I supposed to eat for dinner?

Jonathan:  Um, I don't know.

Me:  Jonathan!

Jonathan:  Ok, go get some chicken and thaw it out.  You can grill it.

Me:  I don't know how to grill...

Jonathan:  Well, bake it.  Put it in the oven...(I cut him off)

Me:  Um, what do I put on the chicken?

Jonathan:  Use the broth in the pantry.

Me:  This is sounding really complicated...I'm just not going to eat.  I'll starve!

I ended up eating the worst hot dog I've had in my life.  Fantastic.  On days like this I wish I knew how to cook.


Natalie said...

hahha hilarious! you poor thing. you should definitely learn how to cook! it's really fun and doesnt have to be hard at all : )

littledaisymay said...

haha sounds a little bit like me! I like to cook everything but meat...that's my hubby's job!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh! That's so sad. :-( I don't do anything fancy with my chicken - I throw it in the oven until it's cooked through, then I put some barbecue sauce on it, or eat it on a sandwich with some ranch dressing. Easy, breezy. Or you could mix some honey and mustard together, and have honey-mustard chicken. There are so many possibilities with chicken.

Melanie said...

Oh gosh Emily..had no idea you dont know how to cook!! Best advice I could give you..go on and type in the search box what you want to many recipes comes up on there..and they are good! Or you could just come over to my house and I'll teach ya myself..I love to cook! :-)

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Google it! I have seriously googled 'how to bake chicken', 'how to hard boil an egg', and 'hot to bake a potato'!

Laura said...

I love to cook but I tell my husband who really can't cook, unless its on a grill, that a crock pot is your best friend.

No real no how to it. Like Chicken tacos. Toss frozen chicken, Chicken taco seasoning and some fresh pico you can buy at the store in turn to low and it cooks all day so that when you get home. Yummy dinner.

Rachel and John said...

You should get him to teach you to cook!
I cook, but I usually phone up John for his suggestions. I don't know what spices go with other spices. There are so many!

Mrs. G said...

Ive totally been there!! If I dont know how to do something, I get really irritated and tend to want to just give up... I'm not much of a cook AT-ALL. Maybe one day we'll learn. :)

Claire said...

Oh bless you!


Lila said...

How sad! :) You should learn how to cook! Your husband and your kids will love you for it! It's not very hard. You can dunk chicken in any sauce and bake it and then make some rice on the stove. That's all! :)


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