Our Sunday

August 15, 2010

Every Sunday Jonathan and I go to church.  We've been going to the same church for 2 years but never joined and didn't go to Sunday school.  (I know, we're terrible right?)  Last Sunday we actually joined!  Better late than never I guess.  We LOVE our church and we go with two of our best friends, Rachel and Erik, but we just feel like we're not "plugged in" because we don't go to Sunday school.  Well, when we first started going two years ago we tried the Newlywed class but just found it too big.  We go to Houston's First Baptist Church (yes, I can drink and dance...gasp!).  Houston is the 4th largest city in the US (behind NYC, LA, and Chicago) so you can imagine the size of their Sunday school classes at their first baptist church.  So, today we tried another class for couples married 2-10 years.  We were the youngest couple by about 3-5 years so that was aggravating.  I think we're trying another class next week so we'll see how that goes.  I did enjoy the message though.

This isn't a Bible verse.  It was just printed in our lesson notes.

"God loves the heart that boasts in the Lord.  He loves the heart that gives Him credit for what he alone can do.  He loves the heart that relies on His power.  He loves the heart that wants Him to get the glory in all things and that wants the power of His Son to shine in our weakness"

Happy Sunday!

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