10 Weeks

October 18, 2010

How far along? 10 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: lost 5 pounds

Maternity clothes? nope

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep: It takes me awhile to fall asleep because I just lay there thinking about the baby.  Once I fall asleep I wake up around 3 to go to the restroom (and I eat a snack that I keep on my nightstand...I read it's good to do that) and then it feels like it takes me FOREVER to fall asleep again.

Best moment this week: SEEING my baby's heart beating!

Movement: well, we saw the nugget move on the screen but of course I can't feel it.

Food cravings: still just aversions.  I'm ok with chocolate again which is nice.  I also eat about 2 pickles a day but I've always loved pickles!

Gender: still awhile before we find out.  Mostly everyone, including me, says girl.  Jonathan's dad says boy.

Labor Signs:  none obviously

Belly Button in or out?  in...duh

What I miss:  being able to eat normally

What I am looking forward to:  the 1st trimester being over and feeling more "normal"

Weekly Wisdom:  I've learned that to keep heart burn away don't eat before you go to bed, eat smaller portions, and eat very slowly.  Since I've been doing these things I haven't really had any heartburn.

Milestones:  our first dr's appointment was last week!  The next one is Nov. 9th!

Funny side note:  A second grade girl runs up to me and says, "is it true that your married AND pregnant?!"  I said, "well I've been married for over 2 years and yes, I am pregnant."  I guess she was a little late on the marriage news...

Baby-Dog training 101-Day 1
We're trying to train our dogs that they shouldn't go near a baby...just stay FAR FAR away.  Here is our baby sitting nice in their umbrella stroller.

Here is 2.5 seconds later

Yes, we scolded him but not before we died laughing and took a picture.  We've been practicing for several days now and they now don't go near the doll for fear they'll get yelled at.

Gender Prediction:
Yesterday for dinner Jonathan and I met up with Erik and Rachel at Pei Wei.  Erik grabbed our fortune cookies plus one for the baby.  Every fortune cookie has a fortune and a Chinese word.  Here is the word that was on the baby's fortune cookie.


Kelley said...

I love that the fortune cookie's word was girl!

Meghan Hein said...

I did my puppy training this summer when I had time off from teaching. I had TLC's Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby in the background while I was getting stuff done around the house. Hearing babies crying all morning seemed traumatizing to our little pup. She'd just stare at the tv so confused. But I figured it was good practice. ;)

Jamie said...

You look so cute :)

How funny what that little girl said!

Amanda said...

hahaha! that is so funny about your dog picking up the doll! oh no! enjoyed reading the update! :)

Rachel and John said...

That's too funny!
And amazing that you all think it's a girl and then the cookie's word is girl

Eunece said...

Funny!=) Looks like the dog training is going to take a long time!

Melanie said...

Wow looks like everything so far is pointing towards a girl!! So funny about your dog grabbing the 'baby' out of the stroller!

B said...

I'm a new follower :) Found your blog through Mrs. G at My Life in the Making and I LOVE IT! Congratulations to you and your hubby! Can't wait to follow along!

K said...

Try snuggling your tummy up against Daddy's back, let him "hold" the baby while you're trying to fell asleep. It always helped me fall right asleep, and was often the only way I could sleep once the baby was bigger and decided when I laid down it was gymnastics time.

Lyndsey said...

Yay for a teeny little baby bump! Did you look up the chinese gender chart? I don't take too much stock in it since it said I was supposed to be a boy, but it's fun to look!

Tara said...

cracking up at paxton eating the baby!! sammy would do the same thing, i'm sure!

the walton's said...

so precious!! and so random that your fortune cookie said girl!! can't wait to find out what you are having!


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