For the Grandparents

October 16, 2010

This post is dedicated to all of those soon to be "first time" grandparents.  I feel like this information could make your transition into greatest grandparent ever just a bit easier.  You may be thinking, "Emily, you don't know what you're talking about!"  But, I like to think I may because my mom and step-dad have 6 grand kids currently and lucky number SEVEN on the way!

Ok, here is my BIG TIP!  Grandparents need to have their OWN baby gear.

My mom has her own:
High chair
Infant car seat base
Car seat
2 booster seats
Baby sized eating utensils
Sippy cups
Kids plates and bowls
Receiving blankets
diaper rash cream
baby lotion
bath toys
Umbrella stroller
baby soap and shampoo

Now, this may seem like A LOT of stuff for a grandparent to have.  But, when you want grandparents to keep the baby think of all the stuff you won't have to pack and lug over to their house!  Of course you'll probably pack diapers and lotion and all of that small stuff but it's good for them to have extra just in case something is forgotten or their is an accident.  My mom keeps most of her stuff in one guest room when it's not being used and she leaves the the car seat items in the trunk just in case.

You may also be thinking is sounds like a lot of expense for the g-parents but my mom got most of her stuff at garage sales or walmart.  I would just suggest going to garage sales in "nice" parts of town to get gently used items. 

This may be something some people don't realize until they're already in the situation but it really helps minimize the packing on the mom and dad's part.

Good thing all the grandparents for our little baby are stocked and ready to go!


Lyndsey said...

Yep! My mom already has a lot of that stuff and she actually bought a crib instead of a pack and play because she wants to use it for all the grandbabies. I don't even have a crib yet, haha!

The Johnsons said...

I've also heard of "Grandma Showers"-where Grandma's friends give her those kinds of things. Sounds fun, I think.


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