All The Details {1}

October 13, 2010

{beware: long post!}

(I began writing this post on September 10th and I'm writing as things progress because I don't want to forget anything.  So, what you're reading, I began writing over a month ago)

Here is the "Pregnancy Timeline" if you will...
We officially started trying in June of 2010
Conception happened around August 24th 2010
Positive pregnancy test was on September 10th 2010
Due Date:  May 16th 2011

Taking the test:
I took the test when I got home from work.  I just couldn't handle the suspense anymore.  If you know me you know patience isn't my "middle name".  It turned positive instantly and I started crying.  I cried about 20 times the day I found out.  I was just so happy.  I waited until I was a week late to take it because with my previous cycle I was a week late for no reason and I had NEVER been late before.  So, when I was late again I decided to wait it out.  That was SO HARD!

Telling the Hubs:
My husband is a football coach and I took the test around 4:00 on Friday so of course he was not home.  I always wanted to have this cute little surprise but I knew he wouldn't be home until the middle of the night so I just HAD to tell him.  I called him about a bazillion times before he picked up and this is how the conversation went.
E- hey, where are you?
J- on the bus
E- oh, well guess what?!
J- huh?!  I can't hear you!
E- I said guess what!!!
J- I don't know...what?
E- I took a pregnancy test today...
J- Oh, what did it say? (in a very unexcited voice)
E- Positive!

Hahaha...this conversation cracks me up.  He was just waiting for me to say it was negative and he was wrong.  He was super pumped.  Still is!

While waiting for him to get home I went and bought us some books and magazines.

Telling Family:
I just called my parents and with my brothers and sister in law I texted them a picture of the pregnancy test. Again, I couldn't contain my excitement (remember I'm home alone because Jonathan is at work) so nothing cute or super fun about the way I told them.  Especially since for my mom and step dad this will be their 7th grandchild, it will be the 3rd for my dad, and the 3rd for Jonathan's parents.  Not that they won't be just as excited or happy but we've all gone through the cute ways of telling in the family (several times over) so I just called everyone!

Telling Friends:
Jaclyn, Ashley, & Megan-
I texted them a picture of the positive test.  Jaclyn calls me instantly super excited.  She is the youngest of 4 kids and her older siblings all have kids and her dad is an OB so she can read a pregnancy test.  Especially, if you look at the above photo of the test.  It's pretty easy to tell if it's positive or negative.  Well, Ashley didn't really "get it".  So, while I'm talking to Jaclyn, Ashley calls Jaclyn to ask her if the test was positive or negative.  I then call Ashley and tell her it's positive!  Duh!  Then, she was super excited too!

Rachel & Erik-
The room that is going to be the nursery is where Rachel and Erik usually stay when they come visit.  A few posts ago you'll remember that I emptied one guest room (the future nursery) and turned the office into an office/guest room.  Well, Erik and Rachel came over and went to put their bags in their room but there was no furniture in it.  They were very confused and they noticed all the furniture was now across the hall.  They didn't really say much but I think Erik said something like, "why did y'all move the furniture?"  Then, Jonathan said, "well, Emily's pregnant so we need the extra room."  They both ran into the living room, where Jonathan and I were, and were so shocked.  They gave us hugs, Rachel said she got a little "teary", and they were both so excited for us.  It was super fun telling them!  We found out a week before we told them and the whole week we totally blew them off which is really strange because we usually hang out with them every weekend.  I told them that's the reason we blew them off...we weren't just being rude.

Here is a glimpse at my pregnancy at 4 weeks:
-Very thirsty
-Very hot
-Hungry all the time but I want to eat nothing
-Instead of eating I want only orange juice or popcorn
-All of my favorite foods sound gross :(
-Feel super bloated
-Slight heartburn (which I've never had before.  I had to describe my pain to a coworker and she said it was heartburn)

Obviously I'm not showing in these pictures at 4 weeks but I am really bloated so that just makes me feel gross and fat!

And the next week!

*Funny side note*
When Jonathan and I first got married we made a list of things we wanted to do before we had kids. Our list was:

Jonathan would be graduating with his masters by my due date.
We would have traveled to Europe.
Only have 1 car payment.
We would own a house.
When I first realized this list was near completion my first instinct was to add more things to it! ha!


Jamie said...

Awww how fun! Loved reading about all the details :)

Melanie said...

I loved reading how everything came about Emily! So happy for the 2 of you..its such GREAT news!!

Emily Kathleen said...

What fun! So excited for you!!

Gay said...

Congrat. Will you find out what you are having?

Callie Nicole said...

I'm enjoying hearing more details! But, Emily, you don't even know what fat feels like yet! Ha! You don't look bloated at all, just like a little skinny mini!

Mrs. G said...

Yaaaay so exciting!! :) Congrats, too! I didn't tell you on your last post b/c I'm just now reading both!! But you look adorable in your photos... love love love it!

Beth and Marley said... cute! Congratulations to you and Jonathan!

Megan said...

I have told you so much but you don't understand how excited I am... After I got that text from you after you went to the doctor, I decided to scream (in excitement of course) and tell my students who were in my class at the time that my roomie was prego!!!! I was so excited and had a huge smile on my face, they looked at me really weird but I don't care. I can't wait for baby Powell!!!

Lyndsey said...

Uh yet I totally felt like a fatty in my 5 weeks pictures and now I would kill to look like that again! Just you wait!! I got my first pair of maternity jeans tonight. I thought they would freak me out but I seriously about died when I put them on they were so comfy! I might keep them around post baby body :) Love the stories!

John said...

What can I say EmAnn...I am so happy! You have always made me happy.

Rachel and John said...

I wanted to tell John in a fun way too but I couldn't wait! Plus I needed his opinion on the pregnancy test because our line was so faint!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Visiting from Kelly's Korner! Fun story & Congrats on your little girl! Love her name! I am a part time teacher also! (But, I teach math)

Claire said...

Such a sweet story! Loved all the details!



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