All The Details {2}

October 13, 2010

(This post will take you from 6 weeks through 9 weeks so, it's a LONG one!)

As soon as family found out about the Bun we started to get gifts!  Jonathan's sister got us the hanging outfits.  My brother's wife gave us the books, and Jonathan's mom bought us the socks.  It's so fun see the closet fill up with baby things!  And, those pink leopard pants are just too cute!  Oh, and my mom gave us some baby lotion, powder, and Boudreaux's butt paste.  Boudreaux's is apparently the best says the babies in my family.

Pregnancy at 6 weeks (as of right now I haven't been to the dr.  My dr. only makes appointments at 9 weeks)
- A pulling feeling near my ribs (one of the clues that I was preggers before I even took the test.  I've had it since about 3 weeks)
- still not much of an appetite
- occasional heartburn
- weight loss
- toss and turn to get comfortable at night.  I'm a stomach sleeper and now sleeping on my stomach gives me
- back and neck pain
- very sleepy
- 2 weeks ago I was sweating all the time and now I'm always cold!

(I think I look HUGE in this picture.  But, I had just eaten dinner and drank about 4 Capris Suns.  I'm not so much "showing" I just don't think my stomach looks as flat as it once did...and the sweater doesn't help.)

3 weeks until my first dr's appointment!

Jonathan's been so understanding lately with all my moodiness, weird food aversions, tiredness, and crazy early nesting tendencies.

This is also heard daily at my house.  Me: "Ugh, I looks so fat!"  Jonathan:  "You're not fat.  You're pregnant."

Pregnancy at 7 Weeks
- no real cravings, just aversions (which seems to be to EVERYTHING) but I'm hungry A LOT!
- I used to love Italian food.  Sounds totally gross now.
- heartburn is getting worse
- slight nausea
- very tired
- eating and meal planning is very hard at this point.  Nothing sounds good to eat but I'm very hungry.  One moment I may want something and the next I am totally put off by it.  Makes no sense to me and is very frustrating.

Now I'm only 2 WEEKS from my first dr's appointment.  I've heard some dr's make you wait until your 12 weeks.  Waiting this long is pure torture but I guess they know what they're doing!  I just want to breathe a sigh of relief when I hear the heartbeat...

Pregnancy at 8 Weeks
- heartburn only at night if I sleep on my stomach
- food aversions at an all time high
- been sleeping really well since I'm so tired (I took a 3 hour nap this week)
- battling my constant hunger

As of right now everyone in my family including Jonathan and I is saying GIRL!  We shall see!  So far week 8 has been the hardest.  I had "morning sickness" for the first time this week.  I think it may have had to do with my thyroid medication that I'm on (which yes, I can take while preggers).  Hopefully I figured out how to keep the medication from making me sick.  Hopefully...

Jonathan's mom bought us our first pack of diapers this week.  They're size 1 swaddlers and I opened them up and laughed at how small they are.  219 days until I have someone to wear them!

Last week my mom gave us some Children's Place Pj's.  They have THE BEST pjs because they zip up from head to toe so those late night changings in the dark are just a bit easier.  No fumbling to find snaps!

My first dr. appointment is in 3 days!

Pregnancy at 9 Weeks - FIRST DR. APPOINTMENT!!!

(Jonathan and I got to see our baby today for the 1st time (October 12th)!  Thankfully there was only 1 little nugget in there!  We could see the heart beating which was awesome and the baby was actually moving around.  Of course I couldn't feel it moving but we could see it on the screen.  It was great!)

Front View:


-More nausea but have only been sick twice
-The nights are harder than the mornings usually.  I feel more sick near bed time than when I wake up.
-Negative 5 pounds.  Dr. says that is normal and nothing to worry about.

The horizontal stripes are not my friend in this picture...

Where baby will be sleeping.  My sister in law is letting us use her cradle and we LOVE it.  My niece is almost 6 months old so they are clearing out some of her infant things and we're first in line for all the goods!

The bedding inside the cradle is white cable knit (yes, as in the sweaters) and it's precious!  I think it looks so nice in our bedroom.  I'm glad we're not using a bassinet or Pack-&-Play.

At this point most of my co workers know and all of my family knows.  My boss was super excited!  I love where I work!

I debated posting it on blogger/facebook this early but SO many people already know and I wanted to be able to post that I was pregnant before some commented on Facebook and left everyone else confused...seeing that tiny little heart beating on the screen was very reassuring and I just couldn't not tell the world!


Ashley Raven said...

Woman get a baby bump! I have a bigger baby bump than you. You are still the cutest preggie ever!

Jamie said...

You look so cute :) I'm loving that cradle!

Brittney Galloway said...

The cradle is BEAUTIFUL! We'd love something like that, but wood furniture (in the desert,) is hard to come by. Boo.

Rachel and John said...

Oh the cradle is so so lovely! Look at all the baby stuff you have already! Lucky girl!

Melanie said...

I just LOVE that cradle!!! Do you know what store your SIL got it from by any chance? So exciting to see that heart beating for the first time I can imagine! Congrats again to the two of you!

Megan said...

Love all the posts about the baby. You should get a poll started on your blog! Also, love the outfit you are wearing in the 6 weeks picture!!

Callie Nicole said...

I'm glad you haven't been too sick yet (as in haven't thrown up yet, unless I missed that)! I had a ton of food aversions and general nauseua and heartburn. The food aversions and nauseas started to slowly get better around ten weeks for me! But the heartburn is still here.
You look so tiny! Can't wait to see your bump grow. :-)

Ms. J said...

New follower! Congrats!! That is so exciting!! Hubby and I have just started trying! We can't wait for a sweet little bundle to add to our family! And I am sure when it happens I will do all the early nesting too :) How can you not??

katie said...

congrats emily!!

cait said...

love the cradle! What a great piece! How great that you're already being showered with fun things for the little one! I would be so impatient for that doc appointment too. 9 weeks seems so long! How wonderful to finally hear that sweet heartbeat! Hope you keep feeling well!


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