The Genetics of it All

October 21, 2010

So, the instant I saw those double lines (even before) I began to wonder what a Jonathan/Emily combo would look like.  You would think brown eyes because we both have brown eyes (well mine are hazel) and then you guess either light brown hair like me (blonde as a baby and child) or red like the hubs BUT it's really not that simple.

We are pretty cute though...huh?

Let's start with me:
Like I said I have light brown hair which was blonde in my younger years and brownish-green eyes.  My eye color sounds fairly common until you hear that I am THE ONLY one in several generations in my family, on either side, to have hazel eyes.  EVERYONE in my family that is biologically related to me has blue eyes and I am not exaggerating.  My moms eyes are very blue my dads eyes are what I like to call "a lack of color".  They are pale gray-ish.  All grandparents - blue.  All aunts (I only have uncles by marriage) - blue.  All cousins - blue.  My older brother - VERY blue.  Middle brother - he's adopted.  Me - hazel eyed freak of the family...hmmm.  The only person my mom can remember that has my eye color is my great grandfather and my grandmother insists my eyes were blue the first year of my life...I don't know about that Nanny.

Moving on:
My blue eyed brother married someone with hazel eyes.  Both of their kids have blue eyes.  Jonathan's sister, who has brown eyes, married someone with blue eyes and both of her kids have blue eyes.  My step brother and his wife, neither have blue eyes but guess what their oldest daughter eyes.  Both grandpas in that situation have blue eyes.

My nephew Cooper.  He's 3 now (and has a head full of curly hair) but this is the best picture to show his eye color...crazy blue huh?  This is very typical in my family.

Jonathan has red hair although it's not very red since he's gotten older.  His eyes are brown.  The red hair and brown eyes come from his dad's side of the family.  His mom has blue eyes but she didn't pass it on to either of her children and I know his mom's parents both have blue eyes.

All of this nonsense to say:
I can't really guess what our kid is going to look like.  I have no clue.  I'm pretty sure they'll be fair skinned and as they get older they'll get freckles...Jonathan and I are both pretty fair and we both have freckles.  (Both of my parents have had skin cancer multiple times so I've been kept out of the sun and slathered with sunscreen since birth and that's fine with me.  Tanning isn't worth getting skin caner to me...because I'm pretty sure I would get it if I was in the sun a lot).  The hair color is really 50-50.  My dad's mother had red hair and my husband does.  Oddly enough Jonathan's sister has red hair but neither of her kids do. 

Jonathan's nephew, Zakary!  He's a DOLL!  (He did get his cute little dimple in his chin from the Powell side though)

And, Caleb.  Jonathan's other nephew.  He has blue eyes too.  I just LOVE this picture

Jonathan used the Punnett Square and figured our kids have 75% chance of having brown or hazel eyes and 25% chance of having blue eyes.  Like I said, the hair is 50-50 but there are SO many other traits besides hair and eyes!  Such as height...I'm the runt of my 3 inches.  Both of my parents are very tall and I'm only 5ft 5.  (God just wanted to make me different I guess...ha!)

If I had to guess this is what I would say:
Fair Skin - Freckles - Hazel Eyes - My body build (long legs and shorter torso...the hubs has short legs and a long torso) - Red hair never know what recessive genes are going to pop up.  (Like my eye color and height!)


Jamie said...

I know y'all will have a super cute baby because y'all are so cute :)

Natalie said...

how fun to dream about! : ) Your child will be gorgeous no matter what!

Rachel said...

Ok I'm nervous to post this because it's gonna make me sound terrible but i have a genuine "eek" towards having a red head (myself not for anyone else) because I'm asian! I mean, wouldn't it be weird to have a red head baby if you were asian? hahaha! My husband was bleach blonde as a kid and has a red beard now...eek.

Tara said...

i know nothing about genetics, but i do know that i hope my children look just like me but with jonathan's height! lol. i'm sure your kids will be precious!

ps- you should set up your email so when you get a comment it comes to your email. then if the commenter has their email set up too, then you can just reply to them via email rather than having to go to their blog and comment a response! i was so happy when someone told me how to because it's so much easier! :)


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