Nursery Ideas

October 21, 2010

Welcome from Kelly's Korner.

While technically we have a nursery...we really don't.  I'm not due until May so we have a while to get this white box turned into a nursery.

Here is a picture of the current room and closet.

The closet goes back to the left and the right but it's too hard to take pictures of.  And, the large tan box on the wall is the security system...strange spot for it but we didn't put it there.

Obviously these curtains are out.

We're keeping the love seat instead of a rocker.  I'm not a fan of rockers personally. 

The carpet may or may not stay.  We're discussing wood floors.

We're doing white board and batten and getting a white Jenny Lind crib.  Jenny Lind cribs are not my favorite but when shopping for cribs they are the only ones I don't dislike.  Seriously, nearly every crib I've seen I've hated so I'm going for simple and classic.  Most cribs these days are too big and too bulky!

Here is the crib/wall inspiration photo.  Even if it is a boy I'm not going with baby blue so disregard the color.  For a boy we will most likely use navy and for a girl I'll use a pale yellow probably.

The wall that has the window will be floor to ceiling - wall to wall soften it up a bit.

This is the lighting I like for a girl.  It's from Pottery Barn and is over 300$ so the chances of me getting this are slim to none!

This is what I like for a boy.  I think it looks very tailored.  Most likely in a plain fabric.

For a girl I already own this fabric.  I also have the matching floral.  I love them but I'm not sure how I will use them.  For a boy we're going nautical (not overwhelming and not cheesy) because my dad is a boat captain.

So, next month when we find out the gender we will get started!  I can't wait to dive in!


Lyndsey said...

I know what you mean about the Jenny Lind. Their dark cherry version is not my fave crib but it's the most classic looking one I've found in our price range. I keep hunting Craigslist, but haven't found anything yet.

And I think we've talked about this before but my mom made me a blanket and burp towels out of that same fabric! It is so cute!

Ashley said...

Great ideas! I love board and batten. I'm thinking we might tackle that for Baby #2! Also, I think it's hilarious you don't care for rockers. I get very anxious and uncomfortable in a room without a rocking chair. It's because I was rocked so much as a child! Haha!

Jamie said...

Navy and yellow would be great colors! Can't wait to see how you'll decorate :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Congrats on your upcoming arrival! Planning the nursery is so fun! Looks like you have some really fun ideas so far!

Courtney said...

Love all the ideas! Congrats!

Mrs. G said...

I am really excited to see what the wall to wall drapes look like... I think they look GREAT in that picture!!! I would love that idea if I had a window like yours!
Your other inspiration pictures are really nice! Speaking of... where did you find those pictures? I love looking at nurseries, but often don't find a huge data base of GOOD ONES (Ive found one site, but they were cheesy/busy/not cute looking ones)
-- I just like looking when I'm bored.


the walton's said...

i love navy and yellow so i am sure either will look amazing!! you might check out craigslist for your crib! i purchased our crib and never been used mattress on there for $40... major savings!!

Rachel and John said...

Good ideas. I haven't even started thinking about our nursery! I think I might start it around Christmas time. Can't wait to see what you do!!

Johanna @ These Prices said...

We are getting the white Jenny Lind as well. Hoping to maybe get it this weekend!

Jen said...

Just found your blog through Kelly's Korner; it's adorable! Congrats!!

Our Baby "D" said...

Thanks for your comment! We love Greyson's sailboats and he has SEVERAL outfits to match. I kinda went crazy :)
Just a heads up, you may not be a huge fan of rockers, but I swear some days I'm attached to mine! You never know...your baby may enjoy rocking and just from experience, rocking in a stationary chair STINKS!

Good luck on all of the nursery planning, can't wait to see the finished product :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for the blog comment. My dad and I are both boat captains, so the choice was simple for us!

I love your inspiration for your future nursery! I'm going to follow your blog!


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