12 Weeks

November 1, 2010

(My stomach looks lumpy...it's due to the fact that I have on maternity leggings, should have got XS and not S, and the waistband of my skirt...oh well)

How far along? 12 weeks

Baby size: about the size of a lime!  Crazy!

Total weight gain/loss:  On Oct. 12 I had lost 5 pounds. Next appt. is Nov. 9th and no, I don't own a scale.

Maternity clothes?  I have a pair of Seven maternity jeans but of course I haven't worn them yet.  I just stick to flowy dresses and stretchy skirts.  I'm trying to avoid "maternity clothes" for a LONG time.  They are a waste of money (if you buy too many) and space since you won't wear them that often.  I don't want dozens of boxes of clothes to store until it's time for baby #2.  I did buy maternity leggings and I love them!

Stretch marks?  I think if I had them at 12 weeks I'd be in trouble

Sleep:  I would be sleeping well but I have a terrible cough so my sleep seems scarce :(

Best moment this week:  I'm actually starting to show a little...I kind of just look like I'm fat but whatever

Movement:  nada...

Food cravings:  still mostly aversions but that's getting better.  It's still pretty hard to figure out any type of meal planning for me.

Gender:  We find out November 23rd at noon!  CANNOT wait!

What I miss:  Eating normal meals

What I am looking forward to:  My next appointment on Nov. 9th.  Jonathan and I are excited to see our little one again.  At 9 weeks we could see the baby moving on the screen so we can't wait to see it moving again and see that heart beating!  (Oh, and Nov. 23rd to find out the gender!)

Weekly Wisdom:  Embrace the belly :)

Milestones:  I hate to type this for fear it will come back but my morning sickness seems to be gone.  I still get a little queasy at night but its getting better.


Jamie said...

Awww you look too cute!

J and A said...

You look great! Come on November 23rd!

Melanie said...

Had no idea they make materinity leggings!! Your starting to show..so cute!! I'd be so excited about your dr appointment at the end of the month too..finding out the baby gender!!!

Lyndsey said...

The size small leggings I bought are for sizes 2-10! Um that's a pretty wide range if you ask me! Until my stomach can hold them up I've been folding them, it seems to work for now. Also, do you get another ultrasound at you Nov. 9th appt? My monthly appointments are just listening to heartbeat on the Doppler and going over things with my doctor. You're lucky to get one everytime!

cait said...

How exciting...I would be on the edge of my seat on the appt to find out the gender! So much fun. Maternity leggings...how fabulous! Have a great week!

Rachel said...

have you started nesting?! i'm with ya on the avoidance of maternity clothing whenever i get preggers.


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