Rodeo Art

November 8, 2010

For all of those unfamiliar with rodeo art or unfamiliar with the Houston Rodeo imagine the largest rodeo in the world with massively huge concerts.  (The first time I saw John Mayer was at the Houston Rodeo and I've also seen Maroon 5 there too.)  Anyways, it's a big deal and they host an art contest for all the schools in the area.  The judging isn't until January but I just like to stay ahead of the game because everyone always wants a little piece of me (drama set designs, Christmas card contest, help on and so on).

Here is the artwork my kids did this year.  My middle school kids (which at my school is 5-8.  Yes, that is odd, I know) just started today but lower school (private school talk for elementary) finished 2 weeks ago.

Kinder Cowboy Hats

1st Grade Buffaloes (My favorite animal!)

2nd Grade Chickens

3rd Grade Canyons

4th Grade Texas Missions


JMS said...

Those are awesome! I especially like the buffalo. I always enjoy your posts on your students' work and the funny things they say.

Melanie said...

Wow! Those kids are really good at their art!! I especially loved the Canyons piece!

Amanda said...

awww i loved seeing the art work! they do a good job!


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