Tuesday Blessings

November 23, 2010

(via Natalie)

Today I am thankful for THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!  A whole week off of work, hanging out with my husband, seeing my family A LOT, and eating TONS of food.  What could be better!

I've decided to stuff myself silly with yummy food since I'm still down 5 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight...it couldn't hurt right? :)

We had our first Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's side of the family on Sunday.  We had SO much fun!

{My niece, Molly Kathryn trying SO hard to crawl!}

 {My nephew, Cooper with his "riding gloves" on.  He cracks me up!}

{Family BINGO!!!  We even had prizes!}

{My niece, Grace won and my nephew, Cooper was VERY excited about it!  He LOVES his cousin Grace!}

{My niece, Abigail who is hiding behind the furniture, which had been pushed aside to make room for Bingo, and playing with Papa's planner.  Doesn't she look pleased with herself!}

{Abigail is just the cutest!}

{Me, my grandmother (who is also named Emily), and my mom!}


Sarah Ann said...

Such cute pictures. Especially ones of the kiddos :) Sweet!

Anonymous said...

can't wait for you to reveal whether you're having a boy or a girl! hopefully the baby cooperated today!

Natalie {Extraordinary Love} said...

I definitely think you should take advantage and stuff yourself with delicious food : )
Have a great day-can't wait to hear your news!!
Thanks for linking up!

Mrs. V said...

Those are sweet picture of the kiddos! Did you find out?? Did you find out!!??? We're all dying to know! :))

mariel said...

hope your appointment went well and baby cooperated! i had mine today too and we found out we're having a girl!!!


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