What I'm Loving Wednesday

November 24, 2010

{via Jamie}

We DO KNOW the gender of our sweet baby!  (The tech checked about 10 different times from every angle so I feel confident!)  I can't reveal it just yet because I'm dead set on telling everyone in person.  We tell the rest of the fam today so I will most likely post it tomorrow or later on today.  Other than finding out the gender we got to see the little one squirm and be quite shy on the ultra sound monitor.  We got to sit back and watch for a full 30 minutes!  It was so fascinating!  Oh, and since we know the gender we can start DECORATING!!!

I love that my husband is so sweet and does anything I ask of him without even thinking twice.  It's been so nice that we get to spend a lot of time together over the break since we both teach.

Thanksgiving (round 2 for me) is tomorrow!  I can't wait for all the yummy FOOOOOOOOOD!


B said...

Ahhh I am on the edge of my seat and dying to know what "it" is :) Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mariel Torres said...

I can't wait to hear what it is! decorating should be lots of fun ;)

cait said...

Can't wait to find out!! Enjoy telling the fam...how exciting! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kit said...

I can not wait to find out what you are having! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Can't wait to see the nursery once you start decorating!


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