19 Weeks (Plus some)

December 20, 2010

{I LOVE this dress however, it isn't maternity...just a larger size so I belted it so it wouldn't look like a moo-moo.  But, around the neckline it has these cute little pleats making it hard to belt smoothly...hence the lumps.  I still liked the outfit though.  I've given up on pants for now.  You'll mostly see me with leggings, tall boots, and skirts/dresses for the winter.}

How far along?  19 weeks

Baby size:  About 6 inches head to booty or the size of a large tomato.

Total weight gain/loss:  No clue.  I don't own a scale.  My guess is that I am now breaking even with my pre preggers weight.

Maternity clothes?  Rubber bands on my pants mainly.  Jonathan and I have decided that when I lost 5 + pounds my first trimester it was all from my thighs and butt.  I just can't keep the maternity pants on.  I look like a little girl trying on her mom's clothes.

Sleep:  I sleep a lot and really well!

Best moment this week:  Jonathan getting to feel Georgia kick!

Movement:  She has started to move more often.  Especially if I sit in our comfy arm chair she kicks away.  Also, she moves a bit in the morning when I wake up...like she needs her morning stretch.  She also kicks a lot in my desk chair at work...maybe she is telling me I should actually sit more.  hmmmm

Food cravings:  I still love bacon!  This alone has probably caused my slight weight gain!  I'm still more into aversions.  They don't make me "sick" it just doesn't sound good to eat most foods that I used to love.  I've said this before but the first trimester I had so many aversions I think that is what caused my weight loss.  I did have night time sickness (indigestion/acid reflux) but I didn't get "sick" often.

What I miss:  Nothing really...

What I am looking forward to:  Anatomy ultrasound on the 29th!  I can't wait to see her cute little profile again!

Milestones:  Her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.  Her scalp is also starting to grow hair says BabyCenter but Jonathan and I were both bald so I doubt she'll have much!  Also, her legs and arms are now in proportion to the rest of her body!

Pregnancy Symptoms:  That weird air pocket is still under my breast bone but it's been there so long that I don't really notice it anymore...it's a result of the indigestion.  With baby #2 I am getting on indigestion med. from the moment of conception!

All in all, I'm loving pregnant life right now!

Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!
I Peter 1:6

This weekend I finally got around to doing my DIY garland.  Here is how it turned out.  I love it!

And, my baby girl needs a book shelf!


Jenny said...

Love the garland!

Lyndsey said...

You are definitely starting to look preggers!! You could try using the belly band to hold up your mat. jeans until they stay up on their own, I did that for a while. But tights are more comfortable! Yay for almost being halfway!!

CMae said...

Nothing wrong with tights, leggings and dresses for winter preggo season! :)

Brittney Galloway said...

Look at all of those books! That is awesome! I'm hoping that our family starts sending lots of board/baby books soon!

It's A Love Story said...

I love the Christmas stuff, did you make it?

Rachel and John said...

Beautiful Garland! You are so crafty!! I also love that dress. Good find!

Jamie said...

You look great and that garland is TOO cute!

Cassandra said...

Leggings, high boots, and dresses are cute! And you look great in it! I bet its more comfy than pants anyway!

Love the garland! How did you do that!?

Cassandra said...

awesome! I will have to try that!

Lyndsey said...

Where did you find the shadow box? The one at Rest. Hard. is $$$ so I'm looking for a cheaper version!

Melanie said...

Loved your post! Your looking great and I'm like you when it comes to food..there is alot of things I just dont find appealing..though it doesnt make me sick. What are some that you are 'turned off' by? Mine are chocolate ice cream, bananas, and chili..eewwweee!

Mrs. G said...

omg,LOVE the gardland!! Where did you find how to make that?! You're so creative!!!!!!
And, as always, you look adorable! :)


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