December 18, 2010

So, on Monday I will be 19 weeks and I feel like I barely look pregnant nor am I above my pre-pregnancy weight.

This frustrates me.

My belly is very tight.  I can feel her moving.  The dr. isn't worried so neither am I.  I know everyone carries babies differently.  I am carrying very low.  I know mothers gain weight differently and it's not that I want to be huge but my main complaint is getting dressed everyday.  It's ridiculous how long it takes me to get dressed for work.

Maternity pants with a full panel are too big.  Maternity pants that fit below the belly are uncomfortable because I carry so low and they add pressure.  Maternity shirts are too baggy.  Regular shirts are too short and I get tired of layering with longer tanks.

My students tell me all the time I look pregnant but they saw me pre-pregnancy as well (barely).  Jonathan tells me I look pregnant but I feel like if you didn't know me you would just think I had a "beer belly"

I guess you could say I haven't "popped" yet but I'm nearly half way through...all I want are some clothes that fit :(

Rant.  Is.  Over.


Rachel and John said...

You totally look pregnant! I JUST popped at 21 weeks. But I undeerstand your frustration. I was really frustrated too and even now that I've popped, my mat shirts are still too big. We should start our own maternity store that sells clothes that actually fit. I'm between pant sizes as well so I gete too baggy and falling down and slightly uncomfortably tight.

Brittney Galloway said...

Don't get too frustrated! You'll "pop," when you're ready! And once you do, there's no going back! I only popped a couple of weeks ago and now I feel HUGE. Enjoy each stage of pregnancy, I think it's God's way of preparing us momma's to enjoy each stage of our children's lives.

Melanie said...

Dont worry'll pop out before ya know it! I just felt like I popped last was one of those 'all of the sudden' type things. Your right..everyone does carry differently..and I even talked to a girl recently who had a baby last year. She said she didnt really get all that 'big' until the last 2 it definately is different for everyone. But I think you do look pregnant from the last pictures you posted!

Katie K. said...

A good friend of mine has the same problem, she did not wear anything maternity until after she was 30 weeks either. She would get looks from people all the time and then the blank stare when she would tell them how far a long she was. The good news is, you will lose the weight quickly! One of these mornings you are just going to wake up and it will be there!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Oh I remember DYING to look pregnant, then at the end DYING to not be anymore :) So many emotions during a 9 month period!

emily said... do not have a beer belly! You are having a baby and it is totally evident! Hopefully you can find some clothes that are cute and comfortable for you and the baby soon!

Simple Gratitude said...

I am LOVING your Happy Holidays garland! Looks so great!

Mandi said...

I am due May 10 with a baby girl.. not long at all before you. I have read your blog for almost a year now and am a teacher as well. I am having the SAME problem with clothes. I lost weight so all my old pants need to be worn with a belt, but my new found pot belly hurts when the belt pokes me when I sit down. I have learned to love sweatpants when I'm not at work! If you find a solution, please share :)


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