The Best of 2010

December 16, 2010

January - Celebrated the New Year with friends
(terrible picture...I know!)

February - Our CPA told us we were getting a 5 digit tax return!  YES!  And, we celebrated Valentines day in our usual going to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

March - Went to San Antonio over spring break!

April - Bought a BRAND NEW CAR!  (And, welcomed a new niece into the world!)

May - Went to a pick your own blueberry farm...very fun and surprised my friend Ashley at her graduation!

June - Saw the Wiener Mobile and went to Jonathan's family reunion in Jena, LA.

July - Spent a week and a half in Portugal and Spain with my husband celebrating our 2nd anniversary.

August - Started working at a new school which I LOVE!
(3rd grade fall project - tempera, glue, and crayon on black paper)

September - On the 10th I found out I was pregnant!

October - We announced to the world that we had a precious baby on the way

November - We found out that our little one was a girl - Georgia!

December - Found out my school wasn't closing at the semester!
(1st grade texture lesson - crayon resist)

{If you do a post like this please leave me a comment so I can read your "Best Of" as well!}


Natalie {Extraordinary Love} said...

I did one of these last year (I think it might have been my first post ever) and I Had to take it down because I later realized it had a lot of really personal information in it (like the name of my husband's company & our church, etc.) that I didn't think about when only my family read the blog. But I am definitely planning on doing one before the year is over! You guys had a very blessed year! I hope 2011 treats you just as well : )

Kelly said...

what a good idea for a post! looks like you had a wonderful year!

Amanda said...

what a wonderful post! it's fun to look back over the year. you have had a really blessed one! :)

Jamie said...

What a fun way to look back over the year! Looks like yours has been wonderful!

Katelyn said...

Such a great idea!! Looks like y'all have had a very exciting year =)) I'm especially jealous of your trip to Portugal & Spain... what a fabulous way to celebrate your 2nd anniversary!!

Megan said...

I loved this idea and copied it. I will be posting one later today!!

Kit said...

You have had a WONDERFUL year!!!!

Rachel and John said...

Love it! you guys had an awesome year! I think I'll do one of these after Christmas but before New years!

Melanie said...

Loved this post!! The pictures were great and its such a good way to see the year in rewind! You guys have alot to be thankful for! :-)

emily said...

Great pictures Emily!

Chardonnay said...

I have a post like this drafted for the end of the month :) (Just have to find some photos to go with it)

Kristen said...

I'm so glad y'all have had a wonderful year! This is a great idea! I went ahead and followed your lead and made my own "Best of"! Hope y'all have very happy holidays!

CMae said...

Is it sad I come over to your page to jam to your music? hahaha and borrow songs on occasion. :) I just watched Home Alone last weekend and Home Alone 2 last night and thus your song made me comment :) I just now noticed that in the sequel that the only original cast member from Kevins' immediately family is sister Linney. They got someone to play her for the second may or may not of cared to know that LOL

Blessing to you, your baby on the way, life, love, having a job and the holiday season!!!



cait said...

What a fun year! :) Love the post! I was planning on doing one of these later on in December. Hope 2011 is even more blessed than 2010 was for y'all!

Steffie said...

I did one!


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