December 15, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday via Jamie!

1.  I started working on my pregnancy memory book.  I make all of my memory books on and the ones I have made all turn out really well (they are hard back and 19.99!).  Here's what I have so far.  (I divided the book into's the easiest way I could think of to organize it.)  I have also bought a pregnancy journal and am still looking for the perfect baby book.


A few pages.  Sorry the pictures are so small.  They're screen shots.

2.  I'm loving my sweet husband who washed my car, vacuumed, and took the rugs outside to get all the dog hair off of them for me this weekend.  I'm the kind of person who takes my car to get washed but my husband is the type of person who likes to "do it himself"...more power to him!  Thanks J, I love you!  (Oh, and thank you for going grocery shopping too!)

3.  That we had so much fun at our Tacky Christmas Party this past weekend!  Our friends Rachel and Erik hosted the party and we had a great time.

The tacky couple:


The other tacky couple:

Jonathan's white elephant gift:

Erik's white elephant gift...which I bought!

My gift:

4.  Tomorrow is my last day before Christmas break!  WOO HOO!

5.  I picked out the pattern I want to use for my diaper bag.  I knew I wanted an Amy Butler bag but I didn't know what pattern.  I finally decided on this one:  The Birdie Sling Tote. 

Now I need to buy my fabrics and have it made.  Here's what I'm thinking for fabric.
Obviously, not all of these...but 2.  I just can't pick right now.

Jonathan's diaper bag will be a plain black back pack with "Georgia" monogramed in turquoise.  My brother and sister in law mainly use the back pack method rather than a diaper bag and they both really like it so, that's what we're going with.  Jonathan and I are both pretty anti any traditional diaper bag.

That's what I'm LOVING today!


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I love the memory book and your diaper bag! Too cute!

Melissa Jo said...

I'm loving all your fabric choices, all of them would look great!

Nicole said...

I love the pregnancy book! Such a great idea!

BeckyJo606 said...

The pregnancy book is such a cute idea! I love the idea of being able to look back through each trimester! So cute! I also love the name you've picked out for your little girl--so darling!! :)

Cassandra said...

Love the memory book idea! and you guys were too cute at the tacky Christmas party! Your gonna be super stylin in that diaper bag! Love all those patterns!

Renae said...

Love the memory book idea! And I am so going to have to look into Amy Butler bags. I can't decide what I want for my diaper bag...they all seem so expensive!

Tami said...

The memory books are a great idea! I bought a pregnancy journal but I haven't been great about keeping up with it. I think I would like a memory book so much more.
I'm loving your fabric choices- they're all gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Looks like you are all set! I love that diaper bag. I'm making a mental note =) As always, you are still a cute pregnant lady.

{Melissa} said...

Love the memory book idea.. I just may have to do that myself.

Also the sling bag is way too cute for words!!

April Westerhold said...

LOVE the memory book!

kebowman said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!
i appreciate it so much!!

i LOVE your memory book! so cute! i should do that with our pictures, such a cute idea.

and i am crazy about that tote!!! :)

Carly said...

I love the memory book! I'll have to do that when we have kids!

I love all those fabrics! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Katelyn said...

Your memory book is adorable! That's such a great alternative to scrapbooking.. seems so much easier & cheaper ! I'm going to look into making a memory book of my own :)

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the comment on my page! I just wanted to tell you that is AMAZING if you want to make a digital scrapbook. I've made a few and they turn out great! I think they have a "baby-preggo" theme too. Check it out. Way better than walgreens!


Kit said...

I love the memory book idea! I do not know how you are going to choose a fabric...I love them all!

cait said...

Love the memory book it seems like everyone else does! :D What a perfect way to remember your pregnancy!

Also, what cute fabric choices. And I'm loving the idea of the backpack for the hubby. Perfect idea!

Happy Wednesday...enjoy your last day before break!

kendrasue said...

Thanks for visiting! And yes, it is hard with the little ones growing up but so exciting to see what you've molded. And the baby memory book is such a good idea!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

Let me just say, you are SO stinkin' cute, little belly and all! I love that diaper bag, are you getting it ordered through Amy Butler? You should try Etsy Alchemy too. Someone could make it for you for a little less $. Just sayin'. And I LOVE your pregnancy book, that is too precious!

Lyndsey said...

I figured I would just print out my blog and turn it into a book for Liam, but I definitely want to add some picture pages or something because I love the way the weekly pics look all lined up! Too bad I didn't take them religiously until like week 10...I may have to fudge some dates in the beginning to make it work =)

star said...

Congrats on your little one! I am loving your pregnancy memory book idea! The fabric for the bag are all so pretty, but I adore the first one!


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