25 Weeks

January 31, 2011

(Excuse my hair...it had been a LOOONG day and Jonathan and I had just woken up from a nap)

Also, let's just take a look back at my 4 week picture.  Is it wrong of me to want to look like this again...sigh : /

How far along?  25 weeks (only 15 to go...I love numbers divisible by 5!)

Baby size:  Head to heel 13.5 inches and 1.5 lbs (rutabaga???)

Total weight gain/loss:  Don't know...my guess is +4 total.  I'll know tomorrow...maybe we've had a growth spurt :)

Maternity clothes?  Yes, because I actually found some that fit!  YAY me!  I prefer dresses/skirts (non-maternity) with leggings (maternity) but static is definitely stopping me these days.  I hate the dry air.  I'm from Houston...I need some humidity in my life!

Sleep:  Still sleeping really well.  Being pregnant hasn't changed my sleeping habits that much...beside the fact that I sleep more.

Best moment this week:  Leaving church early because I just couldn't wait a minute longer for lunch.  Oh and I had my first stranger/pregnancy moment.  J and I were at Chik-fil-a and while he ordered I went to the restroom.  A women and I passed at the door but she didn't say anything to me.  After I went to the restroom I sat down and J and I ate our food.  The same lady that passed me at the restroom, as her and her husband we leaving, put her hand on my chair and said, "Congratulations on your expectancy".  I turned around, and said, "oh thank you!".  Then she waved and said, "blessings" and her and her husband walked off holding hands.  I'm guessing they were in their 30's...it was probably one of the nicest things that's happened to me since I've been pregnant. 

Movement:  All the time, all over the place...really high and super low.  She's quite the wiggle worm.  The oddest feeling of all her movements though is her stretching.  I feel a jab (either high or low) and then she pulls her limb all the way down or up...if that makes any sense.  Also, any day now I expect her to hit my ribs.  She's gotten close a few times now...

Food cravings:  None really...still not liking chicken.  Well, unless it's the fried variety!  Oh, and I love ice water.  I put mostly ice in my glass and then fill it up with water.  I'm not usually a water person but ice water is so good these days!

What I miss:  Being able to get my hands dirty.  I want to be able to paint, and DIY, and do all the other things that are considered toxic while preggers.  I use a lot of spray paint when I DIY and I feel bad asking Jonathan to do it all for me.

What I am looking forward to:  My appointment tomorrow!

Milestones:  She's growing more hair (doubtful...J and I were both bald babies), gaining some fat, and now baby G has a 50% chance of survival if she were born today.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Not so much a symptom but I run into things a lot with my belly...forgetting it's actually there.  Example:  when I'm trying to help my students with their art I almost always bump them with my stomach...they just laugh when I tell them I forget it's there sometimes.

Stretch Marks: Not one!

Belly button: Still a full on innie!

In other pregnancy related news I've started "working out" again.  I'll use "working out" loosely.  I've started using my preggers yoga/pilates DVD to stretch, Jonathan and I have picked back up on our walks, and I've started trying to tone my arms, legs, butt, and thighs.  I just do squats and a few exercises with my small medicine balls.  It's all pretty easy but it makes me feel good about myself.  I've read you should keep your arms toned because carrying a car seat can get really tiring and I need to keep up with cardio because I hear it helps with labor.  Jonathan's mom walked everyday when she was pregnant and labored for over 18 hours with Jonathan because he was breech (butt first I might add) and eventually they were able to turn him and allow her to deliver.  Anyways, all of that to say 18 hours is a long time so maybe I should shape up!  Also, I've read that getting back to your pre pregnancy weight isn't the hard thing but getting back your pre pregnancy shape is what's rough.  So, I'm doing some work ahead of time in hopes that it will pay off after G is born.


Tami said...

You look great! I've been looking at "before" pictures too and I'm worried I'll never be the same again! I also bump things with my belly all the time! Good for you for working out. I'm going to start doing more this week. I know I'll feel so much better.

Rachel and John said...

You look great. It's all belly so don't be worried about it!

MICHELE said...

You do look awesome! I totally get though not wanting to be "fat" any more. Especially when you see cute non pregnant girl clothes you can't wear.
But I do encourage to workout as hard and as much as you can...it definitely helps with labor and delivery. It is exhausting. Plus, it helps you bounce back to you pre-prego body quicker!

Michelle said...

I know I've said it before, but you are such a cute preggo!

Megan said...

You are so adorable! I love these posts!! How funny that you keep bumping into your students...I guess it would be easy to forget that you now have a belly!!

Ariana said...

You do look great! I love belly pictures so much!

I'm glad you're feeling so good. I laughed about the belly bumping into things because I'd completely forgotten about that! I did that with my first pregnancy! But not with my others as much. Isn't it funny how that belly starts growing so fast that it's hard to adjust to!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

So glad you stopped by so that I could come visit! Congratulations on your pregnancy! It sounds like you're having a great one :) You look awesome - all belly, you lucky duck!

Lyndsey said...

I totally feel you on the working out! I've read the same thing about the weight not being an issue but getting the body back can be tough. And we have summer just around the corner! I'm trying to work out but unfortunately for me, all that's brought on is tons of BH contractions so I usually have to cut it short. I miss my flat tummy too!

Melanie said...

Yeah I've been taking advantage of getting in some walks lately with the nice weather we have off and on! Every little bit of exercise helps I believe! You look great and I couldnt believe your 4 week picture!!! I guess we've all grown accustomed to seeing each other with our 'prego bellies' anything else seems odd..lol! Oh and what a nice compliment you got while out the other day!

angi said...

Very true about both the car seat being heavy and the shape versus weight comment. My back hurts from carrying lifting the car seat into its base. On the plus side, my left bicep is super strong from using my left arm to lug the car seat.

Tiff said...

You look amazing preggers!! I love all the pictures especially the self portraits from today. Man, I wish I would of done that!


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