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January 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday {Link up here}

{Beware:  it's long and random!}
Here's what I'm thinking today:

Maternity and Newborn Pictures
I was going through our photographers web site {Studio K Photography} and these are a few of my favorite baby shots.  The photographer is also the Librarian at the high school where my husband works so that is how we picked her.

For maternity inspiration I found one from her website:

These inspiration pictures are from Bower Power (love her):

I also really like all the engagement pictures around with balloons so I figured we could try it with maternity pictures...why not, huh?  Our balloons will be pink though since we're having a girl!


The Ultrasound maching
I follow a lot of pregnant people via blog and I'm due in May so it's pretty much baby on the brain 24/7.  This weekend I read a few "bump" date posts as well as a few ultrasound posts.  The ultrasound will never cease to amaze me.  First of all there is nothing greater than seeing your baby before he/she is born.  Second, it's an amazing blessing hearing that your baby is healthy and developing normally.  What is so cool though is that they can tell!  Even at 9 weeks we could see Georgia moving all over the screen and SEE her tiny little heart actually working.  Blew my mind! 

Our next ultrasound was at 15 weeks and again the rate at which she moved and the positions she would get it cracked me up.  She was sitting criss cross with her legs behind her little booty...and although she was very difficult we were able to tell she was a little girl.  (Again, am I the only one amazed that that we can see that via ultrasound?)  Once they got the gender they let us watch her move and squirm (and went through all of her organs) for about 45 minutes via flat screen TV.  Very cool... 

(I love that you can see her spine, ribs, kidneys, and both legs in this picture!)

Then, was 20 weeks.  She was even bigger and I first noticed the clarity of her spine!  It is so amazing the tech can go through and measure all the organs and that I could even clearly see the 4 chambers of heart beating.  I also love how they can estimate their size.  It's just all very interesting to me!  Of all the pictures they put on the picture CD for us this is my all time favorite.  It was so cool to be able to see her mouth opening and closing!

So, thank you inventor of the ultrasound machine!

So, that is my random Monday post!
Enjoy :)


Miss Chelsea said...

I love those balloon photos! Congrats on your little bun in the oven... I remember when I saw the first ultrasound photos of my niece, I was overthemoon excited!! I can only imagine how it feels to see the one of your own little pea!

the walton's said...

love, love, love the idea of doing the pink balloons in the maternity pictures! can't wait to see them!

Callie Nicole said...

I like the balloon idea too! And your inspiration pictures are very pretty. :-)

Megan said...

I love love love babies in baskets all curled up! It makes for the cutest pictures!! I definitely like the idea of balloons...they make pictures SO fun!!

Lyndsey said...

looooove the balloon idea!

Melanie said...

Ultrasound pics are the best!! Last week when I had one done..I got to see her little mouth open for the first incredible and precious! :-)

cait said...

The balloons in the pics are so fun! And I love Bower Power too...her humor is great to read! And I'm with you on the ultrasound pics..amazing. The 3D ones are especially amazing!


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