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January 29, 2011

So, I love to change my blog around and I am constantly updating it.  I like the layout, header, and background but I was getting the itch to change some things...TABS! 

** I've been working on the Home Tour tab for months and #1 it bothers me that it is never up to date because I am always changing things and #2 it drives me crazy that my major to do list is not finished and some of the rooms aren't where I would like them to be.  So, all of that to say...the Home Tour tab is ever evolving.  Check it often.

** I recently re did my Goals tab because I would like a new list by the time Georgia gets here.  I needed to give myself a dead line so I have. 

** I've also been working on my Travel tab.  That's a pretty easy one but it wasn't 100% up to date...which now I think it is.

** Today I re did the About Emily tab.  I'm happy with it for now but may change it later on.

** The Wedding tab also got revamped and organized better which always makes me happy!

** Our Love Story, Baby, and Awards all remain untouched.  Although I do update the Baby tab after every dr's appointment.  It's like a little summary of my pregnancy.


Megan said...

I am always wanting to update and change things, too!! I'm going to read the "About Emily" tab now!

Jen said...

Looking good! I'm jealous that you feel Georgia kick so much btw! I wish I felt some good kicks!

Jamie said...

I just love y'alls house! You've decorated it so cute!

Jenny said...

Okay, I'm a newer follower and just read all your tabs. We have so much in common! I love to travel, want to teach art and met and started dating my husband in high school, but we broke up in college as well, then obviously got back together. So fun!


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