January 26, 2011

Having a baby on the way means you get to make a lot of appointments.  Here is what I still need to schedule.  Not to mention, once I get to the 3rd trimester in a few weeks my appointments are moved closer together.
{probably boring to most but feels good to type it all out}

Our hospital class - It's an all in one class that takes up a huge chunk of a saturday.  They go over L&D, birthing, options, and the hospital tour all in one day.

Breastfeeding class - I've heard this is a great one to take and it's one week night.  Many people have actually said if they had to pick between the two classes they would take breastfeeding over the hospital class just because you will use it so much more.  I'm doing both.

Infant care - This class covers things like proper care seat safety, SIDS, and the like but the main reason we're signing up is because they also teach infant and child CPR and first aid.  I'm really looking forward to feel more prepared.  I mean I can change a diaper, feed, burp, and bathe but choking freaks me out!

3D ultrasound - This is recommended to schedule from 28-32 weeks.  We'll probably do 29 weeks and this time I think I'll opt for the video option too.  When we did the anatomy ultra sound we had that option as well but I knew all along I would do the video with the 3D so we just waited.  I can't wait to see her with more meat on her bones and in 3D!

Pediatrician - We think we found the one but we need to meet with her first.  She IS taking new babies in May (when Georgia is due) and I have around 10 personal reccomendations for this one specific doctor so I'm looking forward to meeting with her.  Her new schedule doesn't come out until Feb. so we have to wait a week or so until we can make our appointment to meet with her.


Katelyn said...

Sounds like you will be well-informed when Georgia gets here. That's great! I know when I have my first baby I'll be signing up for as many classes as possible.

Brittney Galloway said...

Super busy! Sounds like your hospital gives you lots of ways to prepare!

Megan said...

Whew...busy busy. Glad I'm not pregnant yet! Haha!

Kristen said...

That's great that the hospital gives you so many options for classes! I'll have to remember to look into all of that when it's my turn! Sounds like you're going to be one well-informed mama!

Lyndsey said...

Our birth education teacher is also the hospital's lactation consultant so one of our sessions is all about breastfeeding which I'm really looking forward to! She wants us to try breastfeeding within 30 min. of the birth and I am completely clueless about all of that stuff. I hear it can be pretty stressful...

Nicki said...

Thanks so much for visiting our blog Emily! I'm following your super cute blog now! I am in love with the name Georgia! If we have another girl that's the name my husband and I have chosen too!! :)

I breastfed both of my children and it was quite the challenge! The best thing you can do is to be well educated so that you know what to expect and understand that sometimes it isn't quite as easy and natural feeling as some would think. I hear they throw quite a bit of information at you in those classes but hang in there! :)

Micah + Sam said...

Sounds like so much to do, but you know she'll be totally worth it!
Totally not related BUT, I love those pictures of your pups on your left side bar. Ever think about having a painted portrait done of them? :)

cait said...

I'm like you...the more prepared, the better! Is it weird that your long list of appointments adds to my baby fever?! ha! The classes sound's so good to know that the hospitals often offer breastfeeding classes. That will be a must for me, and like you, the CPR as well. How amazing is it that 3D ultrasounds can give you such an amazing look into your little one before birth?!


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