What I ♥ Wednesday

January 26, 2011

What I LOVE Wednesday {link up HERE}

My list this week is very random!
(oh, and I updated my goals list at the top of the page.  I want to have a new list by May or June!)

When it gets below 39 degrees outside my car dings and puts a little snowflake next to the temperature.  I love that little snowflake!

Our meal planning.  Every sunday night for the past month Jonathan and I have been meal planning in order to cut down on our going out to eat (we now only go out after church on sunday) and so I will always have left overs in my lunch...which I love!  Here are the meals we have planned for this week:  {but not in this order...we just pick and choose each night.}
  • Crab cakes w/ fresh green beans and sauteed potatoes - Had this on Monday night...YUMMY!
  • Sloppy Joes made from ground turkey (we haven't made these once since we've been married but we discovered the other day we both loved them growing up so we're going to give it a try) w/ baked french fries - Had this on Tuesday night...delicious!
  • Mexican turkey burgers w/ spanish rice
  • Pork tacos w/ spanish rice - Eating this tonight!
  • Steak pin-wheels w/ mashed potatoes
  • Steak kabobs w/ sweet potato fries
Jonathan and I saw this on the high way the other day.  Here in TX seeing a moose in the back of a truck IS NOT normal!

I saw this artwork the other day at Target.  Couldn't I totally make this with some really great scrapbook paper?  YES!  I think I will try!  I have a big blank wall in the living room.  I want to do a photo collage...some art and some photos.

My creative students always amaze me!  Here is an example of the hamburger paper collages 4th grade did.  Aren't they so cute!?


Anna said...

That moose in the back of that truck gives me the creeps!!

PS - All of your dinners sound delicious!


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Y'alls menu for this week sounds delish!

Molly said...

Great job on the meal planning, can you hold me accountable for doing the same, ha!

I saw that piece of art work in Target's ad this past weekend and thought the same thing, how easy would that be to make! Keep us posted if you make one like it!

cait said...

The menu sounds great! We have been working on eating out less, too. We need to be a bit more intentional on meal planning, though. It would definitely help! Those hamburger collages are so cute!

Megan said...

OMG a moose! That is crazy! I have never seen that in Texas!

chloë. said...

I would have totally come over if I knew you were having CRAB CAKES on Monday! I love crab, especially now that I'm pregnant.

And while I can't imagine there are many moose in TX, do you often see dead animals in the back of pick-up trucks? That would seem like it would/could be normal down there. Or maybe just a bad stereotype?

And that hamburger looks good enough to eat! So cute! :)

Deanna said...

I really need to start doing meal planning again! I've been slacking on that lately. Thanks for the inspiration!

AbbyS. said...

Love that hamburger! You wanna come teach art at my school?
I totally saw that line at Target and loved it. Made me want to redo a room.

Melissa Jo said...

I need to start meal planning, that is such a smart idea.

OMGosh, a moose? That's really random & not normal!

I'm loving those hamburger paper collages!

Rachel and John said...

Cute little snowflake!

the walton's said...

do you have a volkswagon?? my jetta has the snowflake too!!!

Michelle said...

Yummy dinner plans!
And send me your email so I can forward the referral to you :)

Mrs. V said...

I love meal planning! It really helps save money at the grocery AND keep from eating out. Just wondering, what are steak pinwheels?

Pamela said...

Thanks for commenting on my post! I just started blogging like 1-2 weeks ago & didn't think anyone actually read it! ha so you def made my day :) thank you!

I love your meal planning idea! & def love the moose picture! haha! I live in NC, so that is really neat & def different! haha! My husband hunts.

Simply Amy said...

That moose is creepy!

Y'alls menu for this week sounds delish!

Rachel at The Inspired House.org said...

The moose is cracking me up! Lovely photos and very entertaining friend!

xoxo rachel wright@

Amanda said...

the hamburger art is too cute! i can't believe that is a moose! how funny. whenever i meal plan...things are much easier. i should do that more often! :)

Megan said...

I love that y'all are doing the menu planning! We have been trying, but it's not working out that great because we both work nights sometimes! Ugh!!

I think you could definitely make that wall art...can't wait to see!

kendrasue said...

I was looking at the pictures with my 4 year old and he thought the picture of the moose in the back of the truck and the hamburger was so funny. He was cracking up. Thanks for making his night!

Jen said...

Awww...that poor moose! LOL

Manda said...

I totally saw that same picture at Target, and almost got it for our guest room. It is incredibly cute!

Katelyn said...

Mmm, sloppy joes sound yummy! I love them but for some reason they never come to mind when planning meals. Do you have a recipe for them?

& the moose is totally creepy haha. I would have freaked if i passed that on the road!

Randi said...

What a sweet collage!
The moose would give me the creeps as well...where I'm from it's not uncommon during hunting season to see deer in the backs of trucks or hanging in yards, but it still grosses me out!! Yuck!


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