27 Weeks

February 14, 2011

(Hello large and in charge!  Also, Georgia stays really lost most of the time leaving the flat spot on my belly.  I have a feeling that if my belly button were to pop or go flat it would round that area out.)

How far along?  27 weeks (just 13 left...oh my!)

Baby size:  About 2lbs and 14.5 inches long.  (cauliflower)

Total weight gain/loss:  +6

Maternity clothes?  A mix.  I want spring to arrive so I can wear dresses again!  Which, it is getting warmer!  My picture was taken on Sunday and the weather was 70 and gorgeous!

Sleep:  I sleep pretty well...despite my cold.  And, I sleep A LOT!  (I may have taken a 2 hour nap today)

Best moment this week:  Being productive!  I found the pediatrician and I scheduled all of our classes.  In March we'll be taking the Hospital L and D course, a breastfeeding class, and infant/child CPR.  I'm pretty excited.  (Also, I will be able to pre register for the hospital in the beginning of March and we're taking maternity pictures, and I'll be having my BIG baby shower.  March is going to be BUSY!!!  Now, I just need to schedule our 3D ultra sound before 32 weeks.)

Movement:  Still a lot.  Mostly at night but all throughout the day as well.  She was kicking away the other day and I put my hand down and poked her.  Pretty sure I poked a tiny little foot...after I poked her she kicked back twice like she was saying, "leave me alone!".

Food cravings:  Still just ice water.  I talked to a woman in my sunday school class the other day who is 27 weeks as well (with identical triplet boys I might add) and she said she loved ice water too.

What I miss:  Eh...not really anything. 

What I am looking forward to:  Georgia's birthday...like always.  But, I don't want to meet her too soon ;)  Oh, and March for all of my classes and my baby shower!

Milestones:  If born today her lungs could function (with medical help) and her survival chances are 90%.  This is also my last week (for sure) in my second trimester although some sources say I'm already there.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  occasional ab pain, still some round ligament pains, I get sleepy very easily...but over all we're doing great over here!  No complaints from me :)

Stretch Marks: Not one!

Belly button: Still a full on innie!

Also, pregnancy related:  I have a real sense of peace and calm when I think about my labor and delivery.  It's not something that scares me or worries me at all.  That being said, I am not going to read any more birth stories online or on blogs.  Not that anyone's birth story that I've read via blog has worried me in the slightest I just fear I may read one that will freak me out and I don't need that right now.  Also, I'm done watching birth related things on TV.  I think it is all overly dramatic.  I've talked personally to friends and family members about L&D (who all have children) and they all agreed that there is a lot of hype that goes into it on TV and with books you read.  So, I'm going to trust those closest to me and keep the peace and calm I feel and just not read or watch anything having to do with other people's birth stories.  The end :)
Happy Valentine's Day


Rachel said...

You're still looking super cute! I'm glad you wrote all that at the bottom about having peace about your delivery. I'm def very anxious about that part of being pregnant and have heard my share of scary stories.

What books DO you recommend that you've loved reading and has been helpful thru out your pregnancy?

J said...

You look great and I love reading your updates! I'm happy to see we are right in line with getting things done (our pedi appt is early March, hospital classes are April and 3D u/s next week!) Makes me feel like I am on top of things haha :)

Tami said...

You look adorable. I love that dress! That's awesome that you feel so at ease regarding L&D. I have to admit that I'm pretty nervous about all of it but I haven't really let myself think about it too much yet. :)

partialemptynester said...

Love the picture, you're just darling!! And you are wise not to put too much emphasis on others' stories...not sure why everyone feels the need to share, but the less you read, the more you'll enjoy your own story for you and your loved ones!! Keep enjoying that iced water, sooo good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so adorable.

I know exactly what you mean when you are talking about watching or reading things about delivery.

When I was pregnant with my first one, I was obsessed with a show called "A Baby Story". It freaked me out. I was so scared to have my baby & it was not bad at all.

I wish I hadn't watched those shows because it isn't as bad as the tv made it.

You are very smart!

Lea said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your happy blog site and the music made me smile too. What a cute preggo Mom! And, good for you, the Lord made childbirth a very natural happening for a woman and you are wise to streer clear of the overly dramatic kind on TV. Blessings to you as you continue on this great journey! A happy week to you!

cait said...

Love your thoughts on labor and delivery...I think it's great you're at such a place of peace...that's definitely God taking care of you and sweet Georgia! You're wise in keeping away from all the things that could distort and cloud that peace. Love the story about her kicking back. Obviously, she's not finished "baking" if she wants you to leave her alone... :D

Lyndsey said...

I second the no more birth stories - everyone is different anyway! Cute bump, that belly is starting to fill out! It only took you until the 3rd trimester!


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