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February 14, 2011

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First, I would like to thank Allison for my bloggy award!
I'm dedicating this Monday to Etsy baby LOVE!

I need to order the wall decal for Georgia's nursery.  I'm thinking of getting this one in white and putting it above her crib.


I'm also thinking of ordering onsie stickers for Georgia's monthly pictures.  I like two different sets so I need to decide on one first.



Then, there are newborn photo accessories to think of.



bloomers and headband

and, because my husband LOVES monkeys

Oh my goodness, girls are expensive!

In other baby (non-Etsy) news:
Jonathan's parents ordered our stroller and it came in!  Now, I don't get it until my baby shower in March but I'm still excited!


And, the pram that attaches!  (Buying it seperate)

Now, the two main things we need are the crib and mattress (from my mom and Aaron) and the bedding (which Jonathan's mom is making over spring break)


Rachel said...

yay for Etsy decor! I'm glad your stroller has arrived! Getting close getting close!

Michelle said...

I love Etsy! And the top set of stickers is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I love the Bloomers & Headband pic & also the first one with the pink & white beanie. Super cute! It could be just the sleeping babies though. Ha Ha! They always are so sweet sleeping (even when they are almost 10).

Mrs. Business said...

Oh my gracious! I am IN LOVE with the bloomers and headband picture. You have to order those bloomers; they are amazing!

Lyndsey said...

I love the little blue headband with the yellow flower!!

Amanda Klein said...

Love the idea to put a decal above the crib! I'd be nervous to put up something that might be pulled down so that's a perfect solution!


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