29 Weeks

February 28, 2011

I wore the same outfit in my 4 week picture...pretty funny!

How far along?  29 weeks (just 11 left...that doesn't sound very long!)

Baby size:  2.5 lbs and at least 15 inches (butternut squash)

Total weight gain/loss:  I'm guessing +9 or 10.  I'll know tomorrow when I go to my appointment.

Maternity clothes?  A mix and I'm loving the warmer weather!  So much easier to get dressed everyday.

Sleep:  I still sleep really well.  And, I had a dream the other night that Georgia will look like me.  I guess we'll see in May.

Best moment this week:  Jonathan laid his head on my belly in an attempt to "hear her moving"  (Makes no sense...I know) and she kicked his head REALLY hard.  We cracked up!  Jonathan says, "I fear she's going to be a lot like you."  What...strong willed and independent?  Me?  hahaha

Movement:  It has turned a little weird.  My belly (sometimes) now looks like I have some type of alien trying to get out...very strange.  Still painful sometimes.  When ever I wince in pain from a kick or movement Jonathan smiles.  He says it means that she is getting bigger and stronger.  I guess, but sometimes I feel like she is giving bruises from the inside out.

Food cravings:  Still just the ice water

What I miss:  ehh...I can't think of anything at the moment.

What I am looking forward to:  My dr's appointment tomorrow...it will be my first appointment since I hit the 3rd trimester.  I'm sure it will be just as uneventful as all my other appointments though.  I called the office the other day to get a refill of my thyroid med because I needed the results of my latest thyroid numbers before they could refill it.  The thyroid test was done at the same time as my glucose so I was able to find out that my thyroid levels are still stable (which is great) and that my glucose came back normal (which is also great).  Oh, and tomorrow begins March which I'm really excited about because we have SO much going on...showers, classes, preregistering, staycation, and maternity pictures.  And, I'm pretty pumped that our 3D ultrasound is THIS saturday!
Milestones:  Baby's bones are starting to harden.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I still feel great.  The usual...less energy and out of breath.  Getting a little achy.

Stretch Marks:  Not one!

Belly button:  Still a full on innie!

Other pregnancy related news:
About a month ago I looked up a few lists of must haves for the hospital.  I combined the lists and added a few items I knew I would want/need and took off some items I knew I wouldn't want.  Since I already have my luggage (my adorable pink Vera Bradley that I've had since college...for all those who just bought Vera it looks brand new for years even though it's cloth!  Love it!)  I also already have my hospital PJs, I have my coming home outfit already picked out and I also have Georgia's outfit already.  I haven't really started "packing" yet...just as I think of things I throw them into the bag.  I'm waiting until after my showers to really pack since I'll be packing G some of her cute newborn things.  The goal is to have everything ready to go (car seat and all) by the time I'm 6 weeks out...or at least that's what they recommend in my baby book.

Also, the head of my school found my sub for maternity leave.  I'm really excited that we have someone now and I've started the daunting task of writing out (in great detail) how I run my class room so he will be prepared.  I don't have a "team" I work with so he'll pretty much be on his own so I hope my details help and don't overwhelm.  I've also started lesson plans.  I'm planning on having enough lessons to cover the whole month of May just to be on the safe side.  That's 4 lessons for the 8 separate grade levels I teach.  So, I need to write 32 lesson plans...yuck!  I've also been working on all of the seating charts I have for each of my classes and labeling things in my room...just to make it as easy on the guy as possible since he told me the other day, "art was never his best subject"...fantastic!  The head of my school reassured him that since it would be the last month of school it's ok if the art lessons were a little "easy".


Emily said...

Getting closer :) yay-you still look so cute! I have heard other women say the same thing too about seeing/feeling the baby kick and move! I can't wait to experience that. Has she had the hic-ups yet?

Rachel and John said...

Your belly looks much bigger this week! That baby must be getting big! I haven't been able to see movement yet, well general moving yes but not like alien movement. I have a ton of fluid, so once that stops increasing (next week) maybe it will be more alien like!

Kit said...

You are so cute!!!! I really hope that your sub does a great job. I know that must be so stressful!

Melanie said...

You look great! Everything is really winding down quick now isnt it? I'm getting excited too..we have alot going on in March for the baby as well!!

Jamie said...

You look great girl! I love the comparison in the two outfits :)

cait said...

Yay for 29 weeks!! How crazy will next week seem? Good luck with those lesson plans! Loved the 29 week pic and 4 week pic up next to each other! :)

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

You look great and sounds like you have a plan and are working your plan. Good for you!

Blessings for a great week!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you're doing well getting ready for maternity leave. You have plenty of time to get your planning done, but I know how daunting it seems.

You look so, so cute!

Leigh said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady! :)

Amanda said...

that is so neat seeing you in the same outfit but now with your cute baby belly! you look great!


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