29 Week Appointment

March 1, 2011

Today, Tuesday at 9:15, (just like ALL my other dr. appointments) I had my 29 week appointment.  My next dr. visit marks the first (and last) time my appointments will be 3 weeks apart.  Before, they have always been 4.  Then after my next appointment (which is 32 weeks) I will go in every 2 weeks.  This is just FLYING by!

Here are the highlights from today's appointment:
  • My blood pressure was higher today than it was last week and last week it was already higher than it has ever been in my entire life.  Nobody seems to worry about it but me so I guess I shouldn't be either.  And, technically it is not even "high" it is just high for me.  My normal top number is usually in the 90's.
  • Georgia's heartbeat was nice and strong.  She didn't mention how fast it was but I saw her counting so I'm sure it was good.
  • The dr. commented on how active the baby was and asked if I had just eaten.  I told her I had eaten about 2 hours ago and she kind of laughed and said she must just be really excited.  I told her she is ALWAYS this way.  She said that is good because I will notice if she is inactive...meaning if there was a problem.
  • I asked her about my BH contractions which I've never mentioned on here because I was never sure if I was having them or not.  She came to the same conclusion that she couldn't be really sure either since there is no pain involved with BH contractions for me.  So, sometimes I may be having them and sometimes Georgia's entire back may be pressing on my tummy...she couldn't be 100%.
  • All of my blood work from my last appointment came back normal (thyroid and sugar) which I already knew but my iron levels were low so now I'm on a prescription iron pill which, makes my pill count per day 4 now.  (Thyroid pill, vitamin, acid reflux, and iron)  This is probably the cause of my tiredness, always being cold, and getting light headed sometimes.
  • I gained 3 pounds putting my total at +9
That's all until March 22nd...


Rachel and John said...

I just posted about my appointment! I bet you will feel so much better with the iron pill. I was always cold and tired in University because of my low iron and as soon as I had the supplement I felt amazing! I'm glad you and Georgia are doing s well!

cait said...

Glad things continue to progress so well!! :) I think you probably already have a little firecracker with all her movement. ;) How sweet!

Melanie said...

Glad your appointment went well..seems everyone was at the doctors today! Mine is next friday! :-)

Jen said...

Glad your appt went well! I hear you on all the pills; I finally had to make a chart to make sure I was taking all of them! (Thyroid pill, prenatal vitamin, DHA, iron, calcium & a glass of OJ LOL!)


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