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February 7, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday:  Link up Here!

Our LONG Weekend
{and I'm pretty sure this is the longest post ever}

Houston Snow Days!
When it snows in Houston the city stops.  Might be crazy to some but great for teachers.  I'm not going to complain one bit.  Hurricanes, we can deal with...snow, not so much.  The thing is, we're not used to nor are we prepared to drive in this type of weather.  Inexperience leads to disaster so don't make fun Northerners.  Here is how we spent our southern Texas "snow days" :)

Thursday:  I had off all day
*The dogs did a whole lot of NOTHING and so did the weather!  No snow Thursday, which is fine by me.  I'm not a fan of the snow but I still got the day off :)

*I cleaned the house and steam mopped the floors.  YAY me!
*Did some lesson planning...boring.

Friday:  Jonathan and I both had off even though there was no snow.  Crazy Houston weather man.  We did get sleet and ice.  Yuck.

*We ventured outside to look at the ice and see if the roads were icy...which they were not.

(frozen tree in our backyard)

*Got super excited when we realized we weren't snowed in as expected and that we could do anything we wanted today.  We pretty much had the day off for no reason!  (well, the pipes at my school burst and couldn't be fixed until Saturday so that's why I didn't have school.)

*Jonathan worked on grad school while I did the laundry.  Boring.

*Since we started the rule:  No Dogs on the Furniture (Pax just sheds way too much) the dogs annoy the heck out of us so I knew I had to do something!  So, I made them dog beds from scrap fabric!  Needless to say, they LOVE them!  And, we love that they don't beg to get on the couch with us.

 *Then, we ventured out yet again.  We went to look at maybe "future neighborhoods"...no luck there.  Next we went to FreeBirds for dinner.  I forgot I had an aversion to chicken and ordered a chicken burrito...so, no luck there either.  Last, we went to World Market to look for rugs.  And, you guessed it.  Nope, no luck in the hunt for finding a rug for baby G.  We did though, purchase our favorite cookies!  World Market is the only store in our area that sells them.  YUM!

Saturday:  The beginning of the "real" weekend.

*Continued to battle my allergies/ cold for the 3rd day now...ugh!  Hence, I stayed home most of the day.

*Shopped online for Georgia and decided she needs the following for our beach vaca this summer.  Don't you agree?  All 3 are from Gap's new line.  So cute!  Can't WAIT to meet her!

* Had big talks about our future.  What area we want to live in when Georgia is in school, private school v. public school (which has a lot to do with the area we live in), what we want in our next home, totally revamping our monthly budget since we're adding another person to the mix in May, advantages and disadvantages of me working part time once Georgia is born and how next year is our "trial" year, Jonathan nearly being done with grad school and what that means for our future and when he wants to start his second masters...a lot of married people talk :)  These conversations could be a whole post all by themselves.  Maybe they will be...who knows.

* Jonathan painted the entry mirror white for me.  It used to be teal and I needed something "calmer".  He also painted the mirrors for the nursery.  They were black before and I've had them since college.  I love decorating for free.

(I'll post the mirrors once they are dry and hung)
Sunday:  Church Day

* Stayed home again because I was still sick.  Battling A LOT of sinus pressure...ick!  I hate missing church but I don't want to be the annoying person coughing and blowing their nose every 2 seconds.  Also, since we changed churches (we now attend the same church as my oldest brother and sister in law with a bunch of people we know plus my adorable niece and nephew) it's our family hang out day and I hated missing it :(

Thanks for stopping by!


Katelyn said...

Your posts are giving me baby fever, and I'm not even married yet =\ The Gap swimsuit and hats are ADORABLE! I can already tell I'm going to be broke when I have a kiddo. Baby stuff is just too cute to resist, especially for little girls. Have a great week!

CMae said...

Can you take anything for your sinus infection since you are pregnant? I'd be scared since once a year I get a sinus infection pretty routinely lol...

the walton's said...

love those adorable dog beds and absolutely love that precious swimsuit!! georgia MUST have it!!

Regan said...

Oh my goodness, I love that Gap swimsuit! Adorable!
You mentioned private school...Are y'all considering moving to Houston proper?! We LOVE our neighborhood :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Miscellany Monday. :) Your dogs are so cute!

cait said...

Sounds like a great long weekend! I LOVE what you found at GAP for Georgia! Adorable! And those handmade dog beds are great!! Looks like they are winners with the pups!

Kalina said...

Those dog beds are so cute :) LOVE that Gap swimsuit! New follower!

partialemptynester said...

Love the dog beds, sooo smart of you! We had the same problem, too, until we bought the dogs their own places to hang!
Love the precious swimsuit and hats, too fun!

Gail said...

Bathing suit = beyond cute

Mirror = love



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