Baby Moon Day 1

March 12, 2011

We kicked off our BabyMoon by getting our girl scout cookies delivered.  Jonathan is such a sucker for these's ridiculous.  I can't believe he bought SEVEN boxes.  He's crazy.

Then, we headed off to dinner at PF Changs.  YUM!  Did A LOT of talking about our future as a family.  I just needed to get some things off of my chest.

We walked around the outdoor mall and did a little shopping.  We bought some books for a little boy birthday party we've been invited to, Jonathan picked out the turtle for Georgia, I got a tiny tube of lotion from Anthro that smells SO GOOD,the "G" is of course for Georgia's nursery, and I found a super cute V-Day sign for 75% off!  That will make me so happy when I get out the decor for next Valentine's day because I will most likely forget I bought it.

The public library is right next to Jonathan's school so he went and rented me a few movies for the break.  He's so funny!  We watched one of them Friday night...well, I did at least.  J fell asleep.


cait said...

sounds like a fun first night of the "stay"cation! :) Enjoy the rest!

Rachel and John said...

Sounds very productive!!

christi said...

the staycation is one of the most wonderful things! enjoy your babymoon and spring break!


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