Our Weekend

March 13, 2011

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Our Saturday:

We kept busy around the house.  I worked on my school's yearbook while Jonathan went to a soccer game. 

When he came home he worked on Georgia's changing table.

With the paint stripper.  No, I didn't do any of this...I just came out to snap some pictures.  I LOVE what paint stripper does to paint...it looks so icky!

Then, he power washed the paint off.

And dried it off and continued to strip the paint off.

Noticed that the strawberry plants in the front yard are ACTUALLY growing strawberries!

I also added the sign for St. Patty's day-Mardi Gras-Spring Break!

Then, we cleaned up and went out to a nice dinner again.  We usually go out to eat only on Sundays after church so it's been a nice treat for us to go out more often.  We went to one of our favorites.  Zammitti's...YUMMY!

Then, we walked our food off at HomeGoods and picked up a few frames for G's room and came across some seriously creepy statue type things...really, who wants this in their house?

And, we finished the night off with some Tutti Frutti!  Mmmm!

{boring section on budgets}

While Jonathan worked on the changing table I worked on budgets...

Really, I am good at making budgets.  I recently totally revamped our budget since we're having a baby BUT we will officially pay for Jonathan's last grad school class is a few weeks (so that's extra money we will have a month!) and Jonathan will be getting a pay raise next year whether he is a teacher/coach next year, department head, or assistant principle (again, that is extra money we will be adding into the budget!)

So, yesterday I got to work and made not one, not two, but THREE budgets.  Yes, I did!  The first one was really just tweaking the previous one I had made since I had allotted too much money in some areas like groceries.  Since we switched to HEB we don't spend nearly the amount of money that we used to on food.  This one will last a few more months.  The second one I made incorporates not paying for grad school and adds in the future pay raise.  The third one is based only on Jonathan's pay check (no grad school and pay raise) as if I were to stay home full time and it makes me so happy to know that financially I could stay home full time if I wanted to right now.  Which, I always knew I could but for me I HAVE to see the numbers on paper.

I may just be a tiny bit particular when it comes to making a budget and sticking to it...just a bit.

Our Sunday:

We kicked off the day (and day light savings) with a pot luck breakfast at church.  Then we ran a few errands and met Jonathan's parents for lunch at Sharky's.

Jonathan finished the changing table.  I LOVE it!  It's enough storage to put all of her lotion and diaper rash cream and I can even fit storage where a vanity chair would normally go.

And, we had french toast for dinner!  :)

Our BabyMoon/Staycation/Spring Break is going splendidly!


Sarah said...

Love the changing table, AND that you have strawberries! It's hard for me to wrap my head around that, as we won't have any until mid-summer. Enjoy lots of dates and eating out before the baby arrives :)

CMae said...

Those masks remind me of the movie I recently saw with Liv Tyler in it called the Strangers....whew gives me chills just thinkin about it!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That changing table is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Rachel and John said...

Love the change table! Sounds like a great weekend!

meghan said...

I worked on my school's yearbook on Saturday, too! I find that I really enjoy the actual work, it's just the deadlines and lack of pictures or quotes that stress me out.

What budgeting software do you use? How exciting that you can definitely stay home full time if you would like! That really must be a nice feeling! Is it something that you're thinking of doing?

Brittney Galloway said...

Your budgeting made me laugh because it is totally something I would (and do,) do! That's really exciting that you are almost done paying for his school!

Lyndsey said...

The changing table looks so good! I never thought about using a power washer to get the paint off...the one time I tried to strip something I scraped it off and wanted to shoot myself about 10 min. in...hmmm clearly that's where I went wrong!

SydneysHome said...

Success at HomeGoods! I guess I definitely need to try again.

Lorin Drinkard said...

Such a great DIY transformation! And those strawberry plants are great. I just got back from a strawbery festival near my hometown [Plant City, FL]. Let's just say my taste buds are definitely craving summer foods now :)

Megan said...

Love the changing table, it looks great!!! He is going to have to teach me how to do that because that is what I want to do to a dresser I bought for $20... of course no changing table yet though haha

ps. saw your sister-in-law last night! Cooper is getting so tall, love his hair!

Jamie said...

Those masks are creepy!

I LOVE the changing table...it looks great!

Elizabeth said...

Emily...I'm loving your blog! I found it through Carissa's! :) Love how the changing table turned out!

Have a wonderful evening!


Rebecca Davenport said...

Emily- I just realized I never post comments... but you can see that I read your blog every morning from Florida! Anyway I love your blog, music, content, projects, all of it. Can't wait to see Georgia's finished room! You guys are so handy!

P.S. - that wreath is so happy! Care to share where you bought it??

Rachel said...

Great transformation for that desk to changing table. It is super cute. Maybe a little hamper in the middle?

Rachel said...

I'm thinking you need to teach me how to budget with a a post on budgeting soon!!


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