Miscellaneous Easter Weekend

April 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday
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1.  Um, how cute is this tiny cupcake from Starbucks?!  And, it was SO YUMMY!

2.  I got the dress I'm wearing in the above picture at Old navy on clearance for 8 dollars and I had 5$ left on a gift card.  Score!  It's not a maternity dress so I can actually wear it now and after G is born!  I went to Old Navy with the soul purpose of getting rid of that 5$ gift card.  I have so many Babies R Us and Target gift cards I can hardly close my wallet.

3.  I don't have work on Monday because of the Easter holiday so I have a FOUR day weekend!  YES!

4.  Jonathan and I had a SUPER productive Saturday.  We went grocery shopping, took our recycling, had lunch at Sonic, went to PetSmart to get the dogs new collars, took advantage of Old Navy's 6$ polo sale to get J some new work shirts, stopped by Hobby Lobby - Office Depot - and WalMart, went to a Flea Market (which was a bust!), did some yard work and got the car washed, J washed the dogs, and we got 3 FREE trees in honor of Earth Day!

(new collars - and a funny picture)

(our new trees - it said to plant them in pots for a year)

4.  Our last baby-less Easter.  I actually didn't get a picture of us together today (because SOMEONE got coffee on his shirt in sunday school!)  The only picture I managed to get today was of my always adorable niece Molly Kathryn showing us her new sunglasses.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Nicole said...

You had lunch at Sonic?? Awesome! I work at a Sonic!! What did you eat?

Kathryn said...

That tiny cupcake is too cute! And I love shopping Old Navy Clearance. (I did a little myself this weekend)

Lyndsey said...

Cute dress! And the cupcake looks yummy because...well...it's a cupcake =)

TIFFANY said...

That dress would have been a great deal for $8 but to be able to put $5 of it on a gift card is awesome!

Those little cupcakes look yummy but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to eat just one. :)


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