37 Weeks - Full Term

April 25, 2011

How far along?  37 weeks (only 3 non baby weekends left.  how can she be coming so soon?)

Baby size:  6 1/3 lbs and over 19 in. long.  (swiss chard)

Total weight gain/loss:  I am still +16.  At my 36 week appointment I had not gained any.  Maybe I'll have gained a bit by my appointment tomorrow.

Maternity clothes?  Always a mix.  Right now only my shirt is maternity.  My skirt is just regular.

Sleep:  I still get like 9 hours of sleep every night.  I love only working in the afternoons!

Best moment this week:  Finding out the baby's position was pretty interesting.  Or, my pre-k 3 students walking into my room and all 13 of them rubbing my belly as they walked by.  Well, 12 rubbed and 1 poked a few times before I could get him distracted enough to stop.

Movement:  She still moves a lot and still painfully kicks me in the ribs but she is for sure running out of room in there.

Food cravings:  Right this moment a chili cheese dog sounds SO YUMMY!

What I miss:  I can't think of anything honestly.

What I am looking forward to:  Seeing what she looks like!  I can't wait.

Milestones:  Being full term.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Ligament pains and general pelvic area pain.  Always thirsty for ice water.  A few BH contractions every day.  I've only had one painful contraction.  Crampy-achy pain all the way to sharp pain.  Hands and feet are both a little swollen...not bad though.

Stretch Marks:  Still none.  Thank goodness :)

Belly button:  Still all the way in.

AND just for fun (in honor of FULL TERM day) here is a fun little pregnancy quiz that departs a bit from the usual above.

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes

How did you find out you were pregnant?  I took a test just like most other people. I was a week late and it was a Friday. My co-worker told me to just take it already so I could have a good weekend either way.

What kind of pregnancy test did you take?  I have no clue.

How many? 1 (did you know you can’t get false positives…unless it’s a chemical pregnancy)

What were your first symptoms?  Horrible food aversions and “pulling” near my ribs.

Who did you tell first?  My husband of course. He was on a school bus with some students on the way to a football game since he’s a coach. I just couldn’t contain myself long enough to wait until he got home. After him I called my sister in law because like my co worker she knew I was a week late and she knew I was going home to take the test. She was sworn to secrecy.

Who was with you when you found out?  Just me.

Was baby planned?  Yes

How far were you when you found out?  4 weeks and 4 days

Who do you think baby will look like?  Well, I think she has my dad’s nose (so, my nose) from the sono pictures and Jonathan thinks she has my eyes (also from the sono pictures). Other than that I really have no clue and we could be totally wrong about that! Oh, and the dr. said she thinks she’s “long” so that would be more me than J.

When did you start to show?  Not for a long LONG time!  Proof is in the picture!

Do you have any mood swings?  I don’t think so. Let me ask Jonathan. He says, “I wouldn’t say mood swings but you seem to reach your breaking point faster.”

Any complications?  None, thank God.

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?  Movement for sure

Least favorite thing about pregnancy?  All the attention. I don’t like people staring at me and I think I’ve reached my belly rubbing quota. I do LOVE that people are interested and concerned but sometimes I do enjoy people talking to me about things other than Georgia. Don’t take this as me not be 100% thankful that I am able to be pregnant because I know she is a blessing but I eat/sleep/breathe Georgia so it’s nice to occasionally talk about something other than my ever growing belly. I hope that doesn’t sound harsh :/

How many kids do you want?  3

Do you talk to your baby?  All the time. Usually I tell her to stop hurting me because that’s bad.

How many times a day do you pee?  Oh gosh, I don’t know. At least once an hour I’m sure.

More scared or excited?  Excited for sure!

Will you breastfeed?  I’ll try.

What music are you really into at the moment?  The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac but G seems to really like rap. Or, at least she moves a lot when rap is on.  The few songs I actually like.  (Meg, she seems to love Mike Jones...hahahaha!)

Strangest cravings?  Breakfast foods, chili cheese dogs, ice cream, and ICE WATER. I don’t really think those are strange though.

And for the Dads: (I interviewed Jonathan)

Your initial thoughts when you found out your wife was pregnant?  Thank you God.

Did you have a gender preference (honestly)?  No, I had a finger and toes preference. Ten each.

Best part of this pregnancy?  Feeling closer to my wife

Worst part of this pregnancy?  Whenever Emily was nauseous for so long.

Has your wife had any “crazy pregnant” moments?  No

Are you scared about anything?  I was scared in the beginning that she wouldn’t have all of her fingers and toes but I’m over that now. I also fear Emily will fall over or hurt herself.


tara said...

I cant believe you only have 3 weeks left! So exciting! :)

Chloe said...

Loved this test!!
How fun!!
Only 3 weeks left!! Oh my!

ty said...

Girl, you are absolutely all tummy. WAY cute. You're almost there!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the dress you're wearing in the 37 week picture. You look adorable pregnant! Looks and sounds like you're all tummy (esp. if you only gained 16 lbs). My mom was the same way. She was completely back in pre-pregnancy clothes in about 3 weeks. Enjoy the last few weeks of your first pregnancy!

Melanie said...

Love your post!! So happy you've gotten to full term now..such a relief! I'm just 2 weeks behind you..now if I can make it to that mark I'll be one happy momma!

Callie Nicole said...

You look so cute! Love that dress too, and it was fun reading all the extra questions!
Gracious, it's gone by so fast - it's kind of weird having your baby and then watching all your pregnant friends who were behind you reaching full-term too - then you think, is my baby really that old already? I don't know, it's just weird. Maybe you can let me know if you understand what I mean after Georgia arrives! She could be here any time now!

Jen said...

Aww what a great post! Happy Full Term day! She'll be here any day now :)

Rachel and John said...

Super cute Emily!!

Mrs. Lopez said...

Yay for making it to full term!

Lyndsey said...

Full term is an exciting day!! Any day now could be THE day! You look super cute!

cait said...

yay for full term! you still look so great! I can understand about being tired of all the attention...I'm already sorta at that point. My comments right now are more like "My...you don't even look pregnant!!". For some reason I get sick of that comment...I guess because I feel so pregnant. ha!

Anywho...loved the survey. So glad Georgia has all 10 fingers and toes! ;)

Can't wait to meet your sweet girl!

allie-mac-fallie said...

Congratulations on being full term! I just found your blog and love it! We are due with our first Oct8th! You look wonderful!! Oh and I'm only 17 weeks and I am so tired of people touching my belly... I mean really!? hah :)

Erin said...

Emily! I stopped over to check out your blog after you commented on mine! I'm sitting here listening to Adele and I switch over to your page and I think "man I'm hearing something in the background- almost like another Adele song is playing against my music." Sure enough I look and there is your player! It cracked me up! Congratulations on being full term! I'm so excited to read more of your blog. Have a wonderful day :)


Heart n Soul said...

wow...not long now. How super exciting. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Look at you rocking those heels at 37 weeks! You look amazing. Praying that your last few weeks bring you rest.

Kae* said...

Hey emily! I just awarded you the versatile blogger award! :)


Anna said...

Look at you wearing HEELS full term!! You are beautifully glowing! And I looove your dress!! :)


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