39 Weeks {and Mother's Day}

May 9, 2011

How far along?  39 Weeks and still smiling! (I turned down my elective induction so here I am!)

Baby size:  It's really a guess at this point.  Who knows really.  She could be around 7 lbs and 20+ inches.  We'll find out soon enough.  (A mini watermelon.)

Total weight gain/loss:  +18 or 19.  I'm not sure since my student nurse last week couldn't work the scale.

Maternity clothes?  A mix...as always.

Sleep:  I get tons of sleep

Best moment this week:  Knowing I've made some progress towards getting her here!

Movement:  She has slowed down a ton but in general much more uncomfortable.  She wants out.  I know she does :)

Food cravings:  None really.  I just want to eat ALL the time!

What I miss:  Not having cankles.  Or feet that look like the Hamburger Helper man!

What I am looking forward to:  When people don't think it's funny to ask me if I'm having twins.  This one parent at work ALWAYS asks me if I'm "carrying two in there" and laughs when I say, "no, it's just one" and he then says..."there must be two in there".  Um...FYI it's not a good idea to call or imply that a pregnant woman is large.  We know!  We see ourselves everyday.  Oh, and I'm pretty sick of my pre-k three class calling me "fat" all the time.  I know they are 3 and totally don't get it but after awhile it gets pretty old.  AND, as always I'm looking forward to my dr's appointment tomorrow :)

Milestones:  She's fully ready to be born.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Some contractions and some minor swelling.  Crampy all the way to sharp pains.  Thank goodness the PUPPP is gone!

Stretch Marks:  None, nada, zero!  Woo hoo!  My dr. said I'm so lucky that I didn't get them.  YAY for me!

Belly button:  Still an innie.  Pretty amazing!

Happy Mother's Day

Jonathan did a good job with his first mother's day (this is also my "push present" if you will since I am still pregnant)!  He bought us a membership to the Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston.  With the purchase came two free tickets the the current Impressionism Exhibit as well as two free tickets to the upcoming Titian exhibit.  So, on Saturday we celebrated by going on our last real non baby date to the Impressionism Exhibit.  It was GREAT!

On Sunday Jonathan even made me breakfast in bed.  Biscuits, eggs, and yogurt...it was yummy!

He also bought me a ring stamped with a "G" from Etsy but sadly it is still in transit :(  My mom gave me a really cute Scentsy warmer that matches my dining room with two scents, J's parents gave me a Gap gift card for new post baby clothes, and my boss even gave me a rose!  So sweet!


AbbyS. said...

So sweet!! You look great Emily- ignore those 3 yr olds! ha!!
Good for you for turning down the induction. She will come soon enough. Can't wait to see her.
Looks like a great day.

Danielle said...

I wanted to thank you for the backache suggenstions a couple of weeks ago. The odd position does make a difference, haha! Also, we used the same photographer as you guys for our maternity pics and can't wait to see how they turn out! Good luck and happy early birthday to Georgia!

Kae* said...

Oh you still look beautiful to me! And just so you know, I don't think you are that big. My cousin in law just had twins....she literally had to carry her belly. (the boys ended up being 7 lbs 4 oz and 6 lbs 7 oz) they are adorable. I will have to post a pic sometime so you can see them. And I am super jealous of the art muesum! I love the impressionist era. My favorite! :) Happy Late Mother's Day Emily! I hope it was wonderful!

Lyndsey said...

Boo to swelling, yay for another week down! Get ready to say goodbye to all that great sleep =)

Rachel said...

I'm as always, inspired to look as cute as you when I'm preggers one day. Sorry ppl are calling you names. I'd be pretty tired of that too so I try to always tell preggers people that they look beautiful!

kebowman said...

you look so great!! she'll be here any momemnt! :)

and i can't believe you still have an innie! thats pretty amazing! lol

cait said...

glad you had a great "first" mother's day! :D I can only imagine how tired you are of hearing all those comments on your size at almost due date time...It's already bugging me how everyone I pass or see that knows I'm pregnant looks at my belly. I never get looked into the eye anymore. People are so funny! And if those are cankles...I don't want to know what mine would be called! ;) you look great!!

Missy Schranz said...

You are without a doubt the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen....are you ready to have Georgia yet? I bet!!! I don't think your poor belly will stretch much more!! Good luck and keep us posted....lots of pictures of your little one!!! :0)


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