May 7, 2011

All of these questions are courtesy of Ryan V.  (You had so many good ones that I gave you your own post!)

What's your favorite color scheme or decorating style for a living space?
I tend to go for the "cool" side of the color wheel...blues and greens but I also really like yellow and greys.  In our next house I think I will most likely go with...

Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware or

Silver Drop by Behr for all of our open living/common spaces.  (Which we currently have in both our bathrooms, master and guest room...although this picture is not of our house.)

We're too far in with this home for me to start over.  I'm trying to find a balance for my love of color and my tendencies towards neutrals.

How many children, God willing, would you and your hubby like to have? Are you interested in adoption?
I would love to have 3 children, all at least 3 years apart (if not 4) and yes, I would LOVE to adopt!  It is something we are seriously considering for our 3rd future baby.

Where do you buy your art supplies...canvases/paint?
Paint and paint pens - Wal*Mart mainly.  Canvas - Big lots or Hobby Lobby

Do you have a coming home outfit picked out for G?
I do have an outfit but I don't have a picture of it and it's already packed.  It's a pink and white gingham bubble with smocking on the top.  I also have a white button down sweater to go with it that has her monogram on it as well as some cute socks.  No shoes required.

Are you a "by the books-baby's gotta have a schedule" type person...or "listen to my baby's cues/demands" type person?
Well, after reading Babywise I will be the type of mother that sets a schedule but, that being said it will obviously take a while to get all of that worked out.  I'm for sure not going the demand/attachment parenting route.  That just will not work in our house.  I strongly suggest Babywise.  It makes a ton of sense.  I'm also not very "by the books" with the whole, "must start solids at this month, please wash your hands before you even think about looking at my baby, etc."  Babies are not as fragile as most people think they are.  Overall, I think I will be pretty laid back.

Is your degree in art? Have you practiced art your whole life?
My degree is in Art History.  I have always loved art and history so for me it was a natural fit.  I am usually always doing some type of art but I am by no means an artist.  I always emphasize the history part of my degree.

Where is you dream vacation destination?
Hmmm...this is a hard one!  My idea of a dream vacation isn't really about relaxation.  It's about seeing what's out there!  Every vacation we go on we have to hit up the art museums.  Right now the major museums I want to see are:
The Louvre:  Paris

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum:  Boston

The Uffizi:  Florence

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection:  Venice

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday with no other plans?
Hang out with my husband!  He's honestly my best friend and a weekend with no plans, being lazy or going on a picnic is just perfection.  I'm pretty easy to please.


Lyndsey said...

"I always emphasize the history part of my degree."

hahaha as do I!

Jamie said...

Great questions! I like using cooler coolers in our house too :)

Ryan V. said...

haha well thanks for my own post!! I love when people do Q and As because I take the opportunity to learn some more about the person! I asked about your decorating style because I love the colors in your house. I think it's a great balance of neutrals and color! I am anxious to see how babywise works for you guys. My friend swears by it and has an awesome sleeper (now 1 year old). I would love LOVE to see the Louvre sometime! Well actually I have always wanted to go to Paris but every time we think about a vacation, it's so needed by that point that we just want to head to a beach and relax! I do love art museums though. Thanks for posting answers to all my questions! You're so sweet. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of sweet Georgia! I haven't been around my blog for the past week because I've been busy but your blog is the first thing I checked this morning just to see if G wanted to come on Mother's day! Well, happy first mother's day! (hey, to me, you're already a mother!) :)


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