Q/A {II}

May 5, 2011

*Thank you for all of the sweet comments about Jonathan's new position.  We're really excited about it!*

Here is round TWO of Q/A:

How has being pregnant changed me as a person:
I actually had to think about this question for a long time.  Not because I couldn't think of an answer but because I was trying to figure out how to explain myself.  The first answer that came to mind was putting someone else before myself.  I am the youngest of 3 children.  I have 2 older brothers and no sisters.  I've never had to share, I always had my own room, I never wore hand-me-downs, my mom cooked me dinner every night and until I went to college she woke me up every morning.  Together my mom and step dad have 7 kids total (my mom has 3 and he has 4) and although my 3 never lived with his 4 I was the last of 7 to "leave the nest" so I'm for sure the baby of the family.  I'm not trying to sound "spoiled" by any means because I don't think I am/was but I've never been "2nd place", wanted for anything, or even really told, "no".  Getting my mom car was the first time I realized, "I'm going to be a parent and it's not all about me anymore" and I think that's why I was so sad to get rid of my fun car.  It's not that I'm "sad" to be a parent because I am not...I am SO NOT!  I'm pumped!!!  It's just that my mind set has changed as to what's really important.

What would I do if I had the entire day to myself and money wasn't a limiting factor:
Right now all I can think about it total relaxation and not being pregnant.  I am not by any means a "spa" person.  I'm really not but that is the first thing that popped into my head.  Manicure, pedicure, facial, body massage, soaking in a hot tub, going swimming, laying in the sun, drinking ANYTHING (at this point) cold with some alcohol in it...so I guess I would say a weekend away at a spa.  Jonathan could come too, not that he would want to :)  I would pick Hotel Zaza Spa downtown.  Jonathan and I stayed at Hotel Zaza on our wedding night.

Do I have a diet or workout plan:
Ha!  Right now I try to eat as healthy as I can while still being hungry all the time at nearly 39 weeks pregnant.  I also go on walks every night as well as stretch.  Pre-pregnancy I would walk, run, or ride my bike every night and then come home and work out in the living room while I watched TV.  I would do about 100 crunches, several arm workouts with weights, and lunges.  The diet pre pregnancy was pretty much the same.  I just like to eat some what healthy.  Before I got pregnant my main staples were strawberries, cucumbers, and chicken.

What excites me the most about having a daughter:
I am so excited to not only be having a baby but to be having a daughter.  Even before we knew for sure it was a girl I just knew.  Specifically, I am excited about all around "girly-ness".  The bows and all the ruffles, her future dance recitals, and seeing how her and Jonathan interact.  But in general I'm mainly just excited to meet her for the first time and enjoy each stage she grows through.  I would have been equally as happy had "she" been a "he".  Jonathan and I are both looking forward to having a baby in the house, seeing her personality develop, and just enjoying her!

Do I have a favorite date I've been on with my husband:
I'm going to pick from since we've been married because our total relationship spans 10 + years and that is way to long to think about.  For Christmas Jonathan and I have a tradition of going out to eat at a really nice restaurant as our "Christmas Dinner" about a week before all the family madness begins.  Our first Christmas married we went to a traditional Spanish tapas place called Capriccio's and it was divine (and so was the house Sangria!)  It was very quiet with dim lighting and huge booths.  Maybe it sticks out because it was our first Christmas together and we were starting new traditions but overall it was a great night as simple as it sounds. 

A close second would be an anniversary date we had at Sambuca downtown.  Mainly because he reserved the best booth in the restaurant.  The walls to the booth were floor to ceiling and totally surrounded the entire table minus a two foot opening where you could enter the booth.  It was like having your own private room in the restaurant...but that was while we were dating.


Kae* said...

I love getting to know you better! The spa does sound wonderful. :) Happy Thursday!

Allison said...

Congratulations to your husband (yes, I'm like over a week behind)!

Second, I loved the Q & A posts! It was fun to read and get to know you better :D

Tatiana said...

a spa day? yes please!
I also knew I was going to have a girl before they even told me, too. Having a baby girl is SO much fun! You're going to love it!

Jamie said...

Love y'alls Christmas dinner tradition!

Lyndsey said...

yikes! thanks for letting me know, should be fixed now! cant wait to see your new bloggity blog!

Anonymous said...

Love your answers!! You have one lucky daughter ;)

Love your gym-free workout routine, too. That's an awesome idea!

Kae* said...

So I know that I have commented already, but I was curious as to what exactly you ate with the strawberries, chicken, and cucumbers. I love all those things, and I am trying to find healthier ways to eat! If you wouldn't mind emailing me at Kaebug_108@hotmail.com or writing a comment on my blog I would greatly appreciate it! It sounds so yummy! :)


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