May 6, 2011

(I posted this last week for a bit but then took it down because it was moved back a, here it is again!)

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-Favorite Vacation-


Last summer my husband and I went to Lisbon, Portugal and Barcelona, Spain.  But, to make this post a bit shorter I'll focus on our time in Lisbon. 

We booked using and it was SUPER easy.

Hands down it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It is a modern city but still has so much "old world" feel that my husband and I LOVED!  I would go back in a heartbeat if there wasn't so much of the world left for us to explore!

The only draw back was that I don't really care for sea food and being right on the coast there is TONS of it!  So, if you LOVE sea food you'll love their cuisine.  If not, you'll be like me and eating all American fair during your stay.

{Here is Jonathan enjoying a meal near the beach}

Here is our hotel.  We loved it!
Zenit Lisboa

The public transportation system was easy to manage and the cab drivers were very friendly in helping us get to where we wanted to go.

Another draw back...Portuguese is NOT like Spanish (even though they border Spain) or any other language.  Our communication was either all in English or we would just point on a map or business card as to where we wanted to go or what we needed/wanted.  But, it wasn't too bad once we got used to the language barrier.

Here were some of our favorite sights!

Castelo de Sao Jorge




Instituto Dos Museus E Da Conservacao

-I'm so happy they sell these in America now!-

The streets and sidewalks
-yes, they looked like this everywhere.  mostly the sidewalks.-

I could go on FOREVER but this is already too long!

I told Jonathan that we should call this our real "babyMoon" since this trip was exactly one month before I got pregnant.

It was definitely a trip we will never forget.


Emily said...

Love these pictures and it looks like you had a great time!

ana said...
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ana said...

Emily - I found your blog via kellyskorner and I just have to leave a comment. I was born in Portugal and am always recommending it as a vacation spot. SO SO glad you enjoyed your time there. I love the pics!

Mary @The Sweet Bookshelf said...

My husband's family lives in Portugal and we go a few times per year. I love it!! It is such a fantastic place. The people are so warm and welcoming. We are heading there again this summer, with our new baby!

Joanna said...

Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! We would LOVE to go somewhere like this and we love sea food, so that's perfect for us! I've always wanted to go to Spain, so that would be a perfect combo. Thanks for posting and congrats on your upcoming blessing!

Joanna said...

PS- GREAT playlist, have kept your window open and am jamming out! :)

Shayla said...

Hi, Emily! Thanks so much for your comment on my Chicago Frank Lloyd Wright post! Your Portugal trip looks absolutely amazing...I'll have to add that to my travel list.

Congrats on the bambina you're expecting!

Chloe said...

Ha! My car is a Fiat!!
And I love it!


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