Georgia - 4 weeks

June 14, 2011

Baby G,

You are 4 weeks old today and you're just getting SO BIG!  I swear, everytime I go to pick you up from your nap you look even bigger then when I put you down!

Here are some firsts that we experienced this week and other things you're up to.

Your first smile!  Precious, although I haven't been able to catch it with the camera yet.

Meeting Jaclyn and BF's from college!

Getting your toenails painted with Piggy Paint.  It's nail polish for babies!

You're VERY close to being able to roll from your tummy to your back.  Actually, you've done it before.  You sleep on your tummy and when I went to get you the other morning you were awake and on your back...I just haven't seen you do it myself.

You rode in your big girl stroller.

You now enjoy your play mat which we combine with your boppy to prop you up.

You wore your first dress and were just SO PRETTY!  Everyone kept telling us how pretty you were :)

You are still eating anywhere from 3-6 oz every 2-4 hours.  You love to eat!  You're also starting to sleep for longer stretches at night which is nice.

You also don't hate to be swaddled any more.  So, sometimes you sleep on your tummy and sometimes you sleep swaddled on your just depends but you like either way now.

In your four weeks you've also accumulated a few nick names.  Other than Georgia you're sometimes called G, Baby G, Peach, The Peach, Peachy, Chubs, and my favorite Georgie.

We love you little girl!


Kae* said...

Sooooo adorable! She is soo beautiful! :) Can't wait to see smiling pics!

Delaney said...

How precious is she! I love her name!

Mrs. Lopez said...

We have that same activity mat!

Ryan V. said...

Awww! I love this update! She is growing fast! She looks a lot longer already. I love her little plaid dress! So sweet :)

Erin said...

She really is beautiful!! That dress is just precious!

Amanda said...

this is so sweet! i love her plaid dress! she is beautiful!!! :)

cait said...

Such a sweetie! Love that dress! Love her sweet nicknames, too!

Nicole said...

She looks so cute in that dress!!!

Lyndsey said...

Aw Georgie, I like that :)

Kaylee said...

She looks precious in her dress, and I love the piggy paint! I can't believe she is so big already!

Megan said...

I am so sad I wasn't able to see you girls. I miss y'all but hopefully we will get to hang out soon! Georgia looks so cute in her dress.


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