Georgia - Two Months

July 17, 2011

{month long blog break is now over}


Today you are two months old and technically you're not a newborn anymore!  Crazy.  Babies are only "newborns" for 28 days...did you know that?

You sleep through the night now which is lovely...starting at 5 weeks.  When you hit your 6 week growth spurt I worried you wouldn't get back into that routine but you did so, thank you.  You go to bed anywhere from 8:30-10 and usually wake up around 5, eat and then start your day anywhere from 7:30-8:30.  Now, that's not preferable for me but you are getting 8 hours of sleep.  You started with 5 hours around 5 weeks and have added 3 hours in about 3 weeks so I'm excited to see how many hours you can add in the coming weeks! (I'm hoping you skip your 3 month growth spurt!)

At 7 weeks you started "babbling".  It's so funny to hear you talk!  You also started having little baby laughs.  You especially love playing Patty Cake and it makes you laugh every time!  It sounds like you're coughing but you're smiling at the same time so we consider it a laugh :)  No belly laughs yet.

At 6 weeks you hit the 95th % of the growth charts for length and weight.  You're a big growing girl!

We were able to actually see you roll over for the first time and capture part of it on camera!  You were exactly 7 weeks...already an over achiever :)  You also really enjoy tummy time.  You've even halfway rolled back to front!  I left you on the bed on your back and I turned around and you were on your side VERY close to the edge of the bed!  Guess I can't do that are SO strong!  (You look angry in this picture but you were just in the middle of saying something!)

This month you went on your first family vacation to Gulf Shores Alabama.  You've now traveled to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  What a traveler!  And oh my gosh were you an ANGEL the entire trip.  I was thinking not being on your same schedule or in the car for 9 hours would throw you but it didn't!  Although your naps were pretty off...

You LOVE to stand up!  We hold your fingers and you can actually stand up and support your own weight for a minute or so.  Such a strong girl!

At night you sleep swaddled (although, still a wiggle worm...see picture below) but most of your naps during the day are on your tummy.

(You don't usually nap on the floor but you were at Nanny's house in the living room when you fell asleep so we just let you be...yes, you are sleeping face down with your finger in your eye.  Comfy.) home you have an angel care monitor so I never think twice about you sleeping on your tummy. are so cute!

(P.S.  Researchers are now thinking SIDS is sleep apnea in babies and has nothing to do with how they sleep.)

You've just started to rub your eyes when you get's pretty cute.

You smile when talked to and you love to be kissed.  You think it's pretty funny.

At 2 months I officially switched you to only formula.  From birth until 7 weeks you clearly prefered breastmilk over formula and then one day you up and decided you didn't like it.  So, since I pump I had several days worth stored up and tried different days to see if it was something I wasn't.  But I knew I hadn't changed my diet anyhow since you were born so I knew that wasn't it.  You would drink a bit but you switched your preference to formula.  I fought it for awhile but then also realized that the inconsistency in your potty-ing (sometimes you don't poop but every 3-4 days and get REALLY upset about it) was probably due to the inconsistency in my milk supply and having to supplement.  Mornings you would only get breastmilk, the afternoons you would sometimes get a mix, and at night you would only get formula (sometimes).  So, once we switched you to only formula you were going once, maybe twice, a day.  It actually wasn't the number of times you were going (or not going) but you would just get so worked up about it.  Now, it doesn't bother you to go potty and that makes me happy!

(So, now I'm in the process of "weaning" myself off of pumping...let's talk about painful.  I don't want to just stop cold turkey (I've recently had mastitis and DON'T want to get it again...also PAINFUL!).  Hopefully not pumping will help me get back to a healthy weight.  I weigh 11 lbs less than before I got pregnant and I was thin already.  I now weigh what I did in like middle school!  Rididculous!)

I could elaborate on our entire "Road to Formula" if anyone is interested but I doubt you are :)

You have SO started to develop a precious little personality and I'm totally obsessed!

New things you like:  your bouncy chair, johnny jump up, bumbo chair, and Classical Baby (a dvd with classical music and art work!).  My mom has you addicted to TV.  Y'all sit on the couch and watch's hysterical.

Georgie, I love you sweet girl!


Erin and Ryan said...

I've been following your blog for a bit now. It was fun seeing how much Georgia has grown and changed over the last month. She is so adorable :0)

tara said...

Happy 2 months, Georgia! And welcome back, Emily! :)

Jaclyn Meeks said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Georgia, you are so stinkin precious!! I get to see you (and hold you...I won't get sick again!!) in just a few weeks!! I can't wait!!! Love you!!
-Auntie Jac

Jamie said...

She is just SO cute and is getting so big!

Callie Nicole said...

She is getting so big! I actually would be interested in the whole " road to formula" story, because my milk supply is down, and we're going to start supplementing soon- and I have lots of mom-guilt, because my goal was six months before we switched to formula, and we're not going to make it. Maybe you can e- mail me if you don't do a post about it. :-)

Renae said...

I can't believe that sweet girl is already 2 months. She's beautiful!!

Ms. Chianne said...

So glad you're back! I can't believe how much Georgia has grown! My best friend had my "niece" {not technically, but we've been bff's since we were 5, so I got to be "Aunt Chi" lol} in the 1st week of March and she has grown so much since then. She is "talking" & laughing & she has her own little personality. It really is amazing. She's such a little diva lol. Anyways...welcome back & happy 2 months Baby G!

MICHELE said...

glad you are back. She has grown a ton. I find it interesting you found researchers are saying SIDS is caused by sleep apena now. I have been saying that for years. I know too many stories about SIDS that clearly had nothing to do with which way the baby slept. We are tummy sleepers here. :)

Nicole said...

Awww, such a great post!!! She's so adorable!!!

Lyndsey said...

Happy 2 Months G! You are getting so big!

That's so funny about her watching TV - Liam does that too. Will's not thrilled that he's sat through many episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians...oops

I'm not looking forward to weaning off breastfeeding eventually - it sounds terrible! I saw some herbal supplements at central market recently that claimed to help dry up breastmilk - I wonder if they'd be worth trying out? Good luck - I hope it doesn't last long!


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