While I Was Gone...

July 18, 2011

I'm BACK to full time blogging!

(I actually only stopped reading blogs but I kept journaling so my blog books wouldn't have huge gaps in them.)

While I was gone...JUNE

(a lot of these pictures are blurry because A - my DSLR has huge files that I refuse to reduce and B- some of them were taken on my phone)

Here is everything blogger missed while I was on my blogger vacation.

First Father's Day!
-My brother's house to celebrate with my fam-

Totally obsessed with pictures of G in her first swimsuit!

(in my "Surviving the Hospital" post I mentioned getting a strapless swimsuit cover up to wear in the hospital with a light cardigan...this pink one is the one I wore in the hospital.)

- J's parent's house to celebrate with his fam-
SUCH a good dad!

(Notice she has a bracelet on in the picture...here is a close up.  It's from my mom.)
It has her name and two flowers on the outside and the inside is engraved with her birthday!

Part of Jonathan's father's day gift.  Inspired by Pintrest of course!  And, he wanted a bike rack for his car...so, a bike rack is what he got.  Boring!

And, I made him a cute card on Shutterfly because I had a 10$ off promo code.

Moving on from Father's Day...

Here is the cutest thing ever (besides my little Peach of course!)
Starbucks treats in tiny little boxes!

I learned how to make rosette flowers for head bands.  These are the first ones I made so they don't look all that great.  Also, I just used the scrap fabric from her bedding for one of them so the colors are VERY bright!

Then, we tried out the sling I got for free when I was pregnant through an email offer.  She actually likes it despite the look on her face.  It is hard work carrying around an 11 pound 1 month old though...yes, my 1 month old weighs 11 pounds...well, 10.8 actually.

Also, Little Miss starting sleeping through the night at exactly one month old so, just a few days shy of being 5 weeks old.  The only thing is she just hit her 6 week growth spurt so we threw the sleeping through the night out the window!  I'm SO glad I already supplement because when she hit her 3 week growth spurt, while I was still nursing (I pump now) my body just couldn't keep up (and it still can't).  It's so much easier now to pump and supplement to console her.  At 3 weeks she would latch on and SCREAM because I wasn't producing anything...so glad we've moved past that.

...and, may I just add that pumping exclusively takes A LOT of work.  I pump every 2-3 hours to try and keep my already small supply up.  (Hence, the reason I'm on Pinterest so much...what else is there to do when you're hooked up to a pump?!)  When you pump there is much more clean up and set up involved than with breastfeeding not to mention you have to find time in your day to pump and feed a baby...so, it's twice as time consuming.  Do you know how many times a day I am cleaning and sterilizing bottles and breast pump parts...A LOT!  But if you have a husband who is wonderful like mine (and a teacher so he has the summers off!) and trades off feedings with you it isn't so bad!

On to other Georgia related things:
G wore her first bib to catch spit up.  Yuck.

We've also been having more tummy time lately so I can actually catch her rolling over.  She's done it before but it was while she was in her cradle so I missed it.  I put her to bed on her tummy and when I came in once she woke up she was on her back. 

She actually likes tummy time better know than laying on her back.

Her hair is now long enough for a tiny little bow...cracks me up!

Sometimes this is the view into the nursery

Going on a walk

Oh, and I found a good deal on a convertible car seat that goes from infant, (which we don't need) to forward facing, and then a toddler/booster seat.  It was marked down to 40$ (at walmart) !!!  I think it was on sale because it was a girl print.  Normally, I wouldn't buy something so gender specific but it was such a good deal.

I got G's birth announcements (Shutterfly) and my pregnancy memory book I made at Walgreens.com!  So exciting!

I also started making "Georgia's First Year" memory book.  You may think my memory books are a bit excessive (I'm currently waiting on my books for our 3rd year of marriage and G's hospital stay) BUT I have to stay on top of the memories or I will just fall too far behind.  I'm obsessed with documentation!  I saw this book on Pinterest and decided to re-create it...

Mine: (so far...I need to change some things)

Phew!  We've nearly made it out of the 6 week growth spurt!  Three weeks and six weeks down...3, 6, and 9 months to go :(

I got G's "hospital" memory book in the mail and I love it.  The last page is her entire birth story and I love having it printed out.  Her birth was such a great experience.  Not just because that was the day I got to meet little Peachy but because my doctor and LandD nurse were amazing and I had her so easily!  I made this one on Shutterfly.

I just know y'all think I'm memory book crazy but to me it's easier than printing out pictures for a photo album...I also make them for all our vacations!

I got my final photobook in the mail.  I used Picaboo this time because I wanted to try out a few different companies to see which ones I liked the best.  I liked Picaboo but I think it was over priced and you got less pages than with Shutterfly or Walgreens.

I hope to have a book shelf full of memory books some day (also my blog books that I have printed).  I know I will love having all the memories!

moving on from my "OCDness" with documentation...

We took G to the dr. for thrush (it's not bad at all in case you get terrible Google images...it's just a little bit on her tongue) and here are her new stats:  12lbs = 95th% and 23in = 95th% 

Not only does she have thrush but I have mastitis...wonderful!  Oh, and it hurts...really bad...and I had 101 fever.  Perfect.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I love table scapes (I'm terrible at mantles but I like doing tables) so, here is my 4th of July table.  We'll call it..."subtle Americana".  Lovely!

And...that's what you missed in JUNE!

Stay tuned for July :)


Mrs. Stethoscope said...

Yay for the catch up, you have inspired me to get cracking on my memory book for E since her 1st bday is just 6 weeks away

Jamie said...

Looks like you've been busy and having lots of fun with your little family :)

I love all the photo books...such a great idea!

Emily said...

Welcome back! :)

Lyndsey said...

I have GOT to get better about memory books - I have like 5 unfinished ones on my computer right now. How do you find time to get it done???

Kae* said...

so glad you are back! Love the catch up and those books are amazing! love them! Georgia is so beautiful! :)

Natalie said...

Do you print your blog at home or do one of the blog to book websites??
I have the same sling! Probably got it from the same deal as you too :)
The rosettes turned out really cute-a few more and you'll be able to make one in a matter of seconds!

Natalie said...

oh, and her little swimsuit is sooo cute!

Danielle said...

I totally feel you on how much work it is to pump! I feel like I am always pumping or cleaning the stuff. Nice to know I am not the only one who is not the biggest fan of breastfeeding and pumping.

Nicole said...

Great post!!! The memory books are great!! I'm actually going to start making those with the pictures of me and my fiance because it's a lot easier than scrapbooking. There's a site called scrapblog.com, it's really cool and you can order books.

Olivia said...

Love the fathers day card, as well as the headbands you've made. The books are lovely. Just made my first photobook and loved it. Plan on making many more. An of course Georgia is adorable.

Dixie Bell Designs said...

I love making photo books too although I wish I was as good as it as you are!! I have made mine through shutterfly, the only thing I don't like is how little some of the pictures look if you put too many on one page. Do you get them in all different sizes or the same every time. Also, what company/book size has been your favorite??

Cassandra said...

I love everything you have done with your photos of Georgia! It inspires me for when we have kiddos!
Looks like you were busy on your break, but glad your back! Missed your posts! :)


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