While I Was Gone... {2}

July 21, 2011

Here is what you missed in
Georgia's first sunday in the nursery at nearly 7 weeks.  She was dressed for the 4th of July.   (Seriously, doesn't she look precious!?) It was my neice's last sunday in the baby nursery and G's first.  I came to check on Peachy halfway through and MK had already been "kicked out" haha!  They said she was walking too well to be with the babies!

Then, we celebrated the actual fourth at J's parents.  Afterwards we went to a Fourth of July celebration at the Town Center near our house before we went home.

Georgia celebrated with a bottle while I celebrated with a margarita!

We went on our first FAMILY vaca!
More on that later.

and it's still July so you're all up to date now



CMae said...

wow that has to be the cutest picture ever of her on the 4th of july!!! Hope you are doing well!!

Amanda Klein said...

Love that red necklace you have on in the top photo!! Super cute outfits for you and Georgia! : )

Amanda said...

love the pictures! her 4th outfit was super cute! :)

Jamie said...

Great pictures! Georgia's little outfits are the cutest :)

Gabriella said...

I love Georgia's 4th of July outfits. She is adorable! :)

Kae* said...

Oh my! Those outfits are so adorable! Georgia is such a cute peach! :)

cMe said...

This is too scary...my Georgia had the same July 4 outfit (the Janie & Jack romper).


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