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September 30, 2011

I saw this cute post on Far More Than Rubies and was inspired to do my own:

This was our Wednesday

Outside my window...I see horrible construction.  Blah!  We bought our house because there were no houses behind us.  Well, the neighborhood decided to put a road in behind us!  Our house rattles and shakes ALL DAY!  (and yes, our grass is dead.  TX is in severe drought and I refuse to pay an even higher water bill than we already are...our front yard is green but I think it's a waste in the back right now!)

I am thinking...that in the next few weeks I'm going to start selling Scentsy.  I went to a meeting about it the other day with my sister in law and it just seems too easy to not do.  Plus, their stuff smells AMAZING!!!  When I start I will let you all know and keep a permanent link on my side bar so you can buy whenever you want!  (I really wanted to start my own canvas painting company...I have a website and business cards...but with a baby I just don't have the time anymore...well, I do but I don't want to spend my free time painting right now)

I am smelling...Lavander Bedtime Bath lotion.  Georgia has very sensitive skin so I only put it on her legs but it still makes my hands smell good.

I am thankful for...My wonderfully patient, hardworking, and kind husband, my chunky monkey baby girl, my lovely home, a job that I love and that gives me an outlet, and a loving family, plus too many things I really don't deserve :)

From my kitchen...Jonathan teaching Georgia how to make french toast.

and, the aftermath...

I am wearing...a white flowy shirt and black stretchy skirt and my hair is in a bun.  The hair is always a mess.  I need to get it cut but I'm still losing SO MUCH I'm embarrassed!  (No, my skirt isn't dirty but the mirror is...)

I am creating...little artists at work and at home.  One 9.18.11 I let G color for the first time.  It was precious...although she just wanted to eat the marker!  She got green marker all over her legs and feet.  It's on our fridge now :)

I am a wedding this weekend and I'm really excited about the wedding of course but even more so about the "adult time" with my husband.  He's the best man :)

I am reading...The Old Testament.  I'm in II Samuel and reading about David.  Pretty interesting.

I am hoping...and praying that Peach's reflux or whatever it is gets better.  I'm pretty sure it's causing irritation in her nasal passages right now.  I thought it was allergies but the dr. said the reflux and acid can cause irritation in the airways and nasal cavity.

I am hearing...The hubs cooking dinner.  Breakfast for dinner is always a fav!  Omlettes and sour dough french toast!!!

We get rid of cable (we HATE it), buy a Wii, and stream unlimited netFlix to our TV.  Also, we are turning our guest room/office into a play room/den as well so we can use our LARGE computer as another TV as well.  All of our favorite TV shows are all online on the network websites.  I'm looking forward to this fun project.

Our Music...I'm only listening to John Mayer lately.  The most recent concert I went to (last year) I was like...3 weeks pregnant (or something) and didn't even know it!  The whole concert I was a little depressed because I was FOR SURE I wasn't pregnant but I already was.  Pretty funny now...

(lawn seats at John Mayer.  Just think...G is there!)

Our Viewing...DVR'd Parenthood.  It's me and Jonathan's favorite show right now.  Obviously we haven't gotten rid of cable just yet but that show is on regular tv (all our favorites are) so we'll be ok.  Take that Direct TV!

One of my favorite things...are the beds going into our guest room!  We're only putting one in the guest room but when G is old enough she will get both in her room.  We just bought two twin iron beds (get ready to be jealous Baylor readers!) from an antique store and they were found in the attic of one of the dorms at Baylor.  So yes, Georgia's first "Big Girl" bed will be an original dorm bed from Baylor!  I'm SO PUMPED about this.  They were also only 65$ a peice.  My SIL bought 2, her friend bought 4, I bought 2, and my SIL's mom bought 4!

We're looking forward to...Our playroom/den project.  Fall traditions with G.  Football season being over.

A Glimpse family fun.  I LOVE Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Those are the only days during the week Jonathan gets to see G.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Friday she is asleep when he leaves for work and asleep when he gets home from work.  Of course we have the weekends but the weekdays are hard :(  I hate football season...with a passion!


Brittney Galloway said...

ooh, so glad you decided to do it! Can't wait to see pictures of the beds!

theseemanfamily said...

My little Finley is 4.5 months and I'm losing an INSANE amount of hair right now!! Totally normal, usually when babies hit around 3ish months that happens...hormones. My husband hates it b/c my hair is EVERYWHERE!!!
Can't remember when it stops, but hopefully soon!

Kelli said...

I'm so glad you posted about your hair falling out...I thought it was just me! I make Pat check for bald spots after almost every shower, because there's just SOOOO much.

Lyndsey said...

I am losing hair like crazy too! Thankfully it's totally normal, but I am so ready for it to end.

Emily said...

This seems fun, I might have to copy it and do it myself! :) Breakfast for dinner sounds good too, I might be adding that to our Oct. meal plan! Can't wait to see the beds!

Stephanie said...

Do you have Mac computers? We did the whole netflix on the wii thing and we always had trouble with it. This past Christmas we got an Apple TV and we love it! You can rent movies from iTunes, you can watch netflix, and you can easily listen to music through your tv. I highly recommend it, unless you are going to play a lot of the wii, which we thought we would but hardly ever do.

mariel said...

ugh! losing my hair is driving me nuts!
i know what you mean about football season. we're counting down the games and hoping that tray's school doesn't make it to playoffs.

Jamie said...

Fun post! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ryan V. said...

We haven't had cable since we lived in the dorms in college! We just don't watch that much tv, and thought it was a huge waste to spend like 60-80 a month to watch a handful of tv. We have ghetto bunny ears but hide them in the corner, so we can get a few network channels and that's all we watch anyway! Other than that, we just rent seasons of shows from the library and even new movies too, so we don't even have to get netflix. Can't wait to see what the new playroom will look like! :)

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What a refreshing entry! And, what a joy to read about a young couple that seems to have it going on and their priorities headed in the right direction. Can't believe how big little Georgia has gotten. How precious!

Blessings for a wonderful Lord's Day!

cait said...

What a fun post! Way to go on giving up cable! We did a few months ago and don't regret it! All of our faves are on regular TV too. I love that our money isn't going to the dumb cable company every month. G is just too cute! Love that she's already "coloring"! :)


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