Weekend Adventures

October 3, 2011


Cousin Love:

I met Jonathan's parents, sister, and brother in law for lunch since J had a game that night.  Georgia loves her cousin Caleb and was giving him tons of hugs and kisses.  (Translation:  she wanted him to be close so she could pull his hair and attempt to eat his nose)  She also wore Keds for the first time on Friday.


Georgia had her first taste of coffee........JUST KIDDING!

Montgomery's First Saturday:

Saturday Morning we went to a small market in down town Montgomery.  We met a friend from church there.  We bought a few items and some fresh produce.

Georgia and her friend, Zoe from the church nursery.

An antique store next to the market with a blue grass band playing on the porch.  Georgia loved it...and so did Jonathan :)


Our friends Erik and Rachel got married!  I made it in time for the reception (long story) and Jonathan was obviously already there since he was the best man.  I had hoped to stay there for the dancing but someone was really tired so I had to go home.  The drive there and back was TERRIBLE (over an hour each way alone with a 4 month old is not pleasant) but the wedding was beautiful.


Jonathan took G to church and I stayed home.  With his busy coaches schedule and me working two days a week plus the wedding he was in this weekend I couldn't even remember the last time I was actually alone.  So, they went off to church and I did my Bible study at home and then just enjoyed being the only one in the house.  I cannot even say how good it felt!

Fall Check List:  Nature walk!

I found a check list of things to do in the fall and one of them was to go on a nature walk.  We went across the street from our house and the weather was so nice.  Yes, Georgia likes to have her arms like that in her carrier.


Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a busy yet fun weekend!

Amanda said...

Looks like it was fun!! I love nature walks... too bad there's not many around where we are! So glad the weather is finally nice, though!!

Meghan said...

Aw, so fun! The antique store with the blue grass band cracks me up. Life there is very different from San Diego. Wish I could have a little taste of TX. Sounds like a fun weekend!

Rachel and John said...

You looked beautiful at the wedding. I hope you enjoyed your alone time!!

Megan said...

Next time you are in town you need to call me, I never see you and that makes me sad...and I see Ali all the time at the gym.

Peach is adorable and I want to see her again. Hope the wedding was beautiful!


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